Snow Tubing with Small Children at Seven Oaks

Snow Tubing with Small Children at Seven Oaks

It was almost above freezing (finally!), and my son’s 7th birthday, and I was looking for a special  family friendly experience for us to burn off some energy. We decided a family trip to Seven Oaks in Boone for some snow tubing was in order. 

I hope to take them skiing someday, but this was a short afternoon for snow tubing and we weren’t looking for lessons.  Although their site does provide all the ski/snowboarding information if your kids are a bit older than mine (5 & 7) or you want to spend a full day.

I hopped on their site, to double check both boys would be able to tube and found these quick rules:

Snow Tubing Rules

  • No riders or tubers under the age of 4
  • All tubers must ride in their own tube
  • No ski boots may be worn
  • Tubes may not be reserved

We were all over the age of 4 and willing to ride in our own tubes, so we were ready to go!

We got all of our clothes layers and snow boots on, then packed up snow pants, coats, gloves, neck gear and hats to put on once we were there to avoid some serious sweating in the car. 

Once we got there and got the rest of our gear on it was a quick jaunt from the parking lot to the lodge to purchase our snow tube and snow tube lift tickets and we were off.  Their website shows a user friendly breakdown of the times and prices. Take a look here


We grabbed our tubes and headed straight for the hills.  They have three dedicated snow tubing lanes which are just outside the lodge doors past the fire pit like the map from their website shows. 

It may not be Colorado mountains, but you can’t tell that from how pumped my kids were to go down!

Between that, and the effortless ride up the hill on the snow-tube lift, it made for smooth sailing when we got there around 11:30 a.m. No wait at the bottom or top of the hills.  The ride up was nearly as exciting for the kiddos as the ride down! We got on our tubes, the staff hooked us up to the lift line and away we went.


The staff, both hooking up the tubes at the bottom of the hills and at the top of the hill supervising, were friendly and helpful, and more importantly,  great with the kids. They didn’t get frustrated when the boys needed a little instruction on how to sit on the tubes safely, and even gave them a hand when needed.

After an hour and many trips up and down, we decided to head to the lodge for a break and some hot cocoa.  They had a nice fire going to heat up on the way in waiting for the others.

The lodge had warm food (burgers, fries, etc), candy/chips, fountain drinks, hot cocoa and waters.  There was also a fully stocked bar which would make for a fun adult trip. Many people brought in their own coolers with drinks and snacks, which we would normally do if it weren’t such a crazy weekend for us. So we stuck to the basics after we warmed up with hot cocoa, fries and water. 

We had another hour in our lift tickets left so we headed back out to do some more snow tubing.  This time we were met with lines both at the bottom and top of the hills, and only made it down twice in our last hour.  We ran into lots of bigger groups and early afternoon seemed to be peak hours. 

But the boys (okay maybe adults too) were wiped out and we were ready to head home anyway.

We ran into a girl scout group, a birthday party, and many families all having a blast. After perusing their website it looks like a good option for a group getaway as well. 

I can say it was a great afternoon winter activity, and only a half an hour away from the metro. Next winter we will be heading up sooner. 

To get even more details, head to their website

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