Greenwood/Ashworth Splash Park

Greenwood/Ashworth Splash Park

The kids and I took a trip to the Greenwood/Ashworth Park area last week to check out the newly renovated splash park!

A Summer Favorite

This is one of my favorite areas to visit because of all the trees and exploring that can be done. The Greenwood/Ashworth park is located near the Art Center, Ashworth Pool, and Rose Garden in Des Moines and the actual splash park’s address is 4500 Grand Avenue. You may remember it used to be a wading pool, but the Des Moines Parks and Recreation did an amazing job renovating it!

The entire water area is made of huge rocks in various shapes and sprinklers that shoot out in all sorts of places! The kids loved seeing where the water would be coming out next!


There were several picnic tables surrounding the area, where you can place your items. We brought a bucket to play with! The kids also enjoyed seeing fun fossils and imprints of creatures on the rocks surrounding the area.


Not pictured, but there is also a shelter nearby that has two bathrooms available. You can also rent the shelter for an event! There is also lots of shady areas, to cool off and enjoy a picnic lunch. Not too far away, is a fun playground too which is mostly covered in shade.

This park is definitely something that should be added to everyone’s summer bucket list!

Check out some live footage of the area on my YouTube channel!
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