So I heard a rumor that there was a park on the South side that had a pirate ship.  My son loves pirates!  So today I packed up the kiddos in the minivan and set sail over to the other side of town in search of playground treasure.  I figured if the park ended up being nothing spectacular I could just hit the Blank Park Zoo and all would be well.  So we finally arrived on the “X” on our Google Map and we found treasure!  No only did the park boast a pirate ship playground, but also a pirate ship spray area.  My son was in his own private pirate heaven (or is that Davy Jone’s Locker? – Never Mind), his favorite part being the water cannon in the spray area.  Columbus Park is definitely worth a visit this Summer for some pirate fun!  The park is located at 1921 SE 1st St in Des Moines.








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  1. Shaunna Ulrick says:

    We live close to there and my kidlette loves playing there!

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