Sarah Outlaw: Helping Families Heal in Des Moines, Iowa

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Sarah Outlaw: Helping Families Heal in Des Moines, Iowa

Four years ago Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN was invited to Des Moines from her successful New Jersey practice to open an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practice here. There was no practice like this in Iowa at the time and there was a great need for the type of testing that Sarah had to offer as a leading expert in her field to help people truly get to the root cause of symptoms they were experiencing. Ever since Sarah Outlaw has been helping families heal naturally through several businesses and projects.

Natural Health Improvement Center of Des Moines

Since Sarah’s move to Des Moines, the Natural Health Improvement Center of Des Moines has become the fastest-growing Nutrition Response Testing practice seeing so many patients that an expansion was needed within the first year. Sarah’s mission and purpose are to help as many people as possible regain their health without the use of unnecessary medications or surgeries.  People have responded very well to the experience in herbal medicine, nutrition, and functional health that Sarah has to offer.

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Over the last going-on-two years especially with everything going on in the world, people are more open and aware of the importance of caring for their immune systems. At NHIC, Sarah helps people (and pets) handle a variety of health issues including fertility, asthma, ADD/ADHD, thyroid issues, immune system help, weight, hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, adrenal issues, autoimmune issues, stress, fatigue, sleep issues, and more. She educates her patients and her community on how they can better take care of themselves and their families naturally. Sarah also provides telehealth, virtual appointments for sick visits to help patients take care of their immune system issues quickly and efficiently. She sees people all across the country, and even worldwide. 

Welcome Kava DSM

Fast forward to 2021 with a dream of opening a healthy café and Kava DSM was born. Kava DSM is the first kava bar/sober bar in Des Moines. It’s a blend of vegan, vegetarian, and paleo foods, plus smoothies, smoothie bowls, organic coffee, and of course, kava. Kava is a tea well known for its relaxing, calming properties that have been used medicinally, socially, and ceremonially for thousands of years in the South Pacific. 

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Since Sarah is an herbalist, using kava has been a part of her practice for years. She wanted to bring it to the community in its tea form so that Des Moines could experience it for itself. Kava is an acquired taste since it is very rooty and earthy tasting. Kava DSM has it available as a straight tea, or in a wide variety of flavorful mocktails, in naturally flavored pouches, and in their famous Kava Bula Blue Smoothie. Respect for the South Pacific culture and tradition of kava is very important so Sarah made sure to source the kava used at Kava DSM from small, sustainably sourced family farms.

Support Local

Kava DSM also sources as much from local businesses as possible. Their current local vendors include Nourished DSM, Dark Shadow Mushrooms, Brick House Bakery, Pammel Park Coffee, Corazon Coffee Roasters, Ray Family Farms, Moonlight Acres Iowa, Wild Culture Kombucha, and Red Dragon Herbs & Teas. They are super grateful to partner with these amazing entrepreneurs.

Real Life Outlaw Show

Through both of these businesses, Sarah saw another avenue to share and showcase education on real food, farm-to-table, and sustainable living and started the Real Life Outlaw Show on YouTube. It premiered this year featuring NHIC Des Moines and Kava DSM in the first episode in partnership with Northgate Marketing and Invictus Media with more episodes coming in spring 2022. The show will feature some of Des Moines’ local urban farms, farm-to-table restaurants, local businesses, Sarah’s own farm, and more. 

Since Sarah isn’t a native of Iowa, she firmly believes in blooming where she was planted, and being a part of this vivacious and growing community is really important. Both of her businesses were created to be healthy havens where everyone is welcomed and appreciated. 

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