Play, Learn, and Read at the Grimes Public Library

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Play, Learn, and Read at the Grimes Public Library

In early 2024 the new Grimes Public Library opened its doors in the city of Grimes, Iowa. The new library is bigger and filled with books, comfortable reading nooks, games, a children’s play space, a coffee bar, a story room, and so much more. Learn more about this community spot not far from the Des Moines area. 

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Grimes Public Library Background

The Grimes Public Library originally was located at 200 North James Street just down the street from the newer building. The original building was 6,400 square feet and served its purpose, but as the city of Grimes has grown so have its needs for a spot for the community to play, learn, and read. The new building is now 22,000 square feet and located on the southeast corner of the intersection of N James Street and NE Beaverbrooke Boulevard. 

Free Programming

The Grimes Public Library offers many FREE events and programming for the community. You do not need to live in Grimes to take advantage of all the fun programming! The best way to stay up to date with their events is by checking their event calendar. You can filter by different age groups such as babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. Some fun weekly programming includes: 

  • Baby and Toddler Open Play – Occurs every other Tuesday morning. 
  • Storytime – Every Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Monday evenings for working families! This time includes reading a story, singing, dancing, and tons of fun. 
  • Early Out Adventures – Offered on Dallas Center-Grimes early out days and great for school-aged children.
  • Early Out Teens – This is geared specifically for teens. A great place to learn something new! 
  • After School at the Library – Offered every Monday and Friday after school from 3 to 5 p.m. 

Teen Mezzanine

The Grimes Public Library has three levels! The main level is where you will find the kid’s area. The second level is referred to as the Teen Mezzazine. I love this fun area. It is an inviting space for pre-teens and teens to come to read, play games, and relax together in a safe setting. There are many study rooms available, comfortable seating to hang out, and even a coffee bar available on the main level. Encourage your teen to grab a few friends and hang out for a bit at the library! 

Kids Play Area

The kid’s play area is a highlight for many especially those families with small kids. This area is home to all the children’s books and a fun play area that includes a small slide, rock climbing wall, and baby area for the littlest kids. There are small toys, blocks, trains, and computers with interactive games on them for kids to play. 

Other Fun Things About the Library

  • There are many rooms that you can reserve. Whether you have a large meeting, or presentation, or would like to reserve a study room, there are many options. Reserve a room here.
  • There is a comfort room available for those with small kids to may need some time to calm down. 
  • There is a small coffee bar available. Suggested donations are listed. 
  • The third level of the library is dedicated to adults and offers a ton of places to sit, work, and read including a fireplace. I love all the natural light! 
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