Sara Jacobson

ey there! I'm Sara, and I find immense joy in navigating the journey of life alongside my wonderful husband, Eric, and our energetic almost 2-year-old, James. Together, we cherish the moments spent exploring our community. Our days are filled with adventures, whether it's enjoying story time at local libraries, venturing into the captivating landscapes of Jester Park or any nature trail in the area and frequenting local hot spots for kids like the Zoo and Adventureland! You'll rarely find us at home because, truth be told, I'm not a homebody. I thrive on the excitement of exploring our city and soaking in its vibrant atmosphere. Beyond our adventures, I love my work and the freedom it gives me to enjoy being both a professional and a mom. I actually work three different part-time jobs including: COO of In2It Digital, a bookkeeper with KHA Accounting, and running my own business, Business Bestie. There is never a dull moment and I relish the diverse challenges and opportunities that each role brings. When I do find that rare moment to have some personal time, I love to shop and support local businesses—from hair and nails to coffee shops and finding unique gifts, it's my favorite to support those in our community. You will also find me at the gym with my favorite pastime of running or curled up reading a romance novel. Come along on this adventure of family, exploration, and supporting our community as we navigate the beautiful journey of life together!