Goddess Garden Organics: Parent Skin Care Must-Haves

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Parenting is hard and to remember to take care of your skin on top of everyone else, can be difficult. It is important though! Goddess Garden Organics makes it easy for us to keep our skin healthy, happy and help repair itself with several products. Below are a few of my favorite simple and safe products that I apply to my everyday regimen.

Face the Day: Sunscreen & Firming Primer

The basic and most important item of them all, sunscreen for your face. Even though summer may be coming to an end, it is still crucial to wear daily sunscreen. UVA damage happens year-round, even if you are not getting sunburn. We all have heard and read that the sun can age your skin, so make sure you are staying ahead of the game and apply THIS daily.

This is the first basic step!

As you run out the door squirt a little in your hand and rub over your face and neck. Don’t have time before you are out the door? This bottle is small and easy to throw into your purse, rub it in while you are waiting in the ever so long, drop-off line at school.

Sunscreen Lip Balm 

Protecting your lips is also important! Goddess Garden Organics offers three different flavors of lip balm including raspberry, lavender mint, and my favorite orange vanilla. Another great item to keep in your purse as fall and winter sets in and the air is dryer. Keep your lips moisturized! The kids will also love to use it or maybe eat it? 🙂

Erase the Day

This product is amazing! I have been on the hunt for a great face wash to use nightly to remove all the gunk that my face attracts during the day. Erase the Day is a mineral removing cleanser and literally acts like a magnet to remove all that gunk. No harsh scrubbing. It leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and helps minimize pores and we all know every mama needs help with that!

Dream Repair 

Okay you protected your skin all day and you washed it all off, now comes the magic. The Dream Repair cream is like a luscious blanket. This cream will soften and smooth your skin, while adding a lifting effect. While you drift off to sleep it works magic and helps repair, revive and brighten overnight.

Interested in learning more about some of my other favorite Goddess Garden Organics products? Take a look at my more intense, favorite sun repair regimen here. Looking for a safe sunscreen that the entire family can use? Take a look here. Remember to apply all year round!



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