Crushing Goals from the Inside Out with Expedition Wellness

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Crushing Goals from the Inside Out with Expedition Wellness

At one point in our lives, we have all been on some sort of journey to better ourselves. “Bettering ourselves” looks different for everyone. For some it may be to lose weight, gain muscle, be able to carry our children, be able to walk a long distance without pain, eating more fruits and vegetables. The list goes on and on. Since I have become a parent I have been involved in many challenges, and fads, and even at one point during COVID worked with Expedition Wellness, but stopped. 

While there are many tools and resources out there to help better ourselves, there is ONE common factor. You need to be ready and committed to making the change. We can pay all the dollars in the world to people to help guide and tell us what to do, but if we don’t actively decide to follow through it will not make a difference. In June of 2023, I went in for my annual exam (which I had not been to since before COVID-19) and was surprised when my bloodwork came back. Deep down I knew I needed to make changes and I had tried many times in the past. This was the moment I decided I was ready to make the change. 

I reached back out to Expedition Wellness. I knew that this team would be the one to lead me in my new healthy lifestyle adventure. Even though I had worked with them in the past, I was not mentally ready, but now I was! There are many reasons why I love Expedition Wellness and I am excited to share my favorites. 

About Expedition Wellness

Expedition Wellness is based in Des Moines, Iowa. The Expedition team is made up of registered Dietitian nutritionists, fitness trainers, mental health specialists, healthy meals, and more. Expedition Wellness is a boutique wellness option to help guide you on a healthy lifestyle. You can pick and choose what you need and/or what works best for you to meet your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

This is where I began and I recommend everyone to first start with a FREE consultation with one of their several dietitians. This is a chance to sit down and discuss your concerns and goals. While talking about calories and losing pounds may be discussed, they are ready to meet you where you are. Baby steps! There are several different membership options where you can check in weekly, bi-monthly, etc. You and your nutrition coach will discuss what is best for you. At each meeting, you will take an InBody Analysis which tells you so much about what is happening on the inside of your body! You will also chat about your wins and what you want to focus on for the following week. 

Expedition Wellness Meals

When I was first introduced to the Expedition Wellness Meals I wasn’t super excited. I thought it was a great option, but didn’t fully jump in. After a few weeks of ordering, I noticed a huge correlation between what I was eating each week (my carbs, proteins, and fat) versus when I did not have them. They have made my life so much easier during super busy weeks! Best of all, they are so delicious. Just recently, they have launched a weekly, family-size option. I love this because I know my kiddos and husband are also eating something nutritious too. 

What makes Expedition Wellness Meals different?

  • Accurate: They know how important having accurate nutrition information can be. Their team of experts measures out each ingredient precisely matching the food label.
  • Nourishing-Packed with the perfect protein/carb/fat ratios that can be customized to meet your specific goals
  • Family Style offering: Family style includes 4 servings/container
  • Variety of calorie needs: From weight loss to weight gain; building muscle to losing fat, they got you covered.
  • Mindfulness of nutrients: Each of their meals contains a whopping 30g of protein! That’s right 30g! 30g of protein/meal has been shown to help stabilize blood sugars throughout the day as well as keep you full and satisfied longer. Something you will learn quickly when chatting with your nutrition coach. 
  • Chef quality, flavor, texture, and color are bound to leave you absolutely satisfied. 

I do not order meals for every meal of the day each week. These are used as supplements. Each week before I order I look at my calendar the following week to see how busy I will be. Do I have a lot of events to attend? Will I be traveling? I plan and order accordingly. Take a look at the meals and order some today

NOTE: Ordering opens every Monday of the week and closes end of the day on Thursday. Deliveries are made Sunday evening just in time for the new week. 

Expedition Wellness Fitness

This was the last piece I added to my puzzle and it has helped tremendously with reaching my goals. Expedition Wellness offers trainers whom you can schedule to work with weekly, several times a week, etc. Again, whatever works best for you! You will meet with the trainer to talk about fitness goals and create a plan for you. Expediton Wellness rents out a space at the Trainer’s Edge in Urbandale which has all the equipment you will need. You show up for your workout and your trainer is there to guide you. Learn more and book your FREE fitness consultation

My Expedition Wellness Guides: Jessica Schroeder, owner and founder of Expedition Wellness. She is my Dietitian that I check in with bi-monthly. Tara my Fitness Trainer.

Mental Health

To live a fully healthy life not only do we need to be physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act as well as how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. It is one of the main pillars in achieving overall health. The mental health journey at Expedition Wellness is determined by the individual needs of the client. Mental health difficulties can impact all parts of a person’s life. With support and learning skills, Expedition Wellness hopes to help achieve mental wellness in all of its clients which is why they have a Mental Health Specialist on staff. Be sure to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation to analyze and identify areas of need and discuss possible intervention options. 

The Expedition team is filled with guides to lead you down a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to jump in at Expedition Wellness. Take your pick! 


Erin Huiatt

Erin is a reliable resource and stepping stone for women and families to find support and make connections within our community. She wants families to feel confident to reach out and ask for help and advice to get pointed in the right direction. She enjoys traveling and exploring with her two children in tow!

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