Teen Jobs in Des Moines, Iowa

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Teen Jobs in Des Moines, Iowa

Is it time for your teenager to get a job? It can be hard to find an appropriate job for your teen if they are involved in multiple activities, but there are several job types to take a look at. We have gathered the best teen jobs in Des Moines. Take a look at all these options!

Do you know of a great job for a teen in Des Moines? Let us know and we will get it added to this list.

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Age: 16 years +

Work where you play! The slogan for Adventureland Resort definitely rings true during summer in Des Moines. There are many opportunities for teens from serving food, cleaning rooms, checking people in, or operating a ride. Some perks include being paid bi-weekly, discounted and free admission to the park, discounts, and more.

Beaverdale Estates

Age: 14 years +

Beaverdale Estates is a retirement community located in the Beaverdale area. According to several local parents, they hire teens starting at the age of 14 years old as Junior servers. They work in two-hour shifts and the retirement community works great with school schedules. This is a wonderful opportunity for teens to learn customer service and responsibility. In return, the residents really enjoy interacting with the teens too.

Campbell’s Concessions

Age: 14 years +

Looking for a summer job? Campbell’s Concessions may be a fun option! Campbell’s Concessions provides stands that serve up hand-dipped corndogs and more. They have several stands available to work at. They provide a very thorough website page with details on what is required. If you are 14 or 15 years old a guardian’s signature is required along with a work permit.


Age: 16 years +

Love Chick-fil-a?! Maybe your teen would love to work there! There are many benefits for a teen working at Chick-fil-a including Sundays off. In addition, they offer a positive environment and really work to train their employees to be kind and helpful. Positions include Team Member and Cashier.

Child Care Centers

Age: 16 years +

Child Care Centers all over the Des Moines area could use extra hands especially when school is out during summer. If your teen loves to work with kids and may think they want to work in the education field when they are older, this may be a great opportunity. Depending on the center, there are no nights or weekends and they get to be outside regularly! This may be a great summer job or depending on your teen’s school schedule, an afternoon/evening job.


Age: 14 years +

Join the “True Blue Crew” at your local Culver’s! This has been mentioned by several teen parents as a great first job because they are flexible with schedules and treated fairly.


Ages: 14 years +

Fareway has always taken huge pride in offering a great work environment for teens. Some great benefits of working at Fareway include all stores being closed on Sundays, being close to the public by 9 p.m., flexible scheduling to take into account activities and school work, and more.

Great Escape

Age: No age listed

Great Escape is a fun environment full of games, bowling, food, and more. There are several positions available for your teen to apply for.


Age: 14 years +

Your local Hy-Vee store offers a ton of opportunities for teens. In addition, they pay well and are flexible with student schedules and activities. When you apply to work at Hy-Vee you also have the opportunity to apply at the Fresh Market and Wahlburgers divisions of Hy-Vee.

Ice Cream Shop

Age: 16 years + for many ice cream shops due to child labor limitations related to 14 and 15-year-old individuals during the school year.

The perfect summer job! The Des Moines area is filled with several locally owned ice cream shops. A super fun way to spend your summer. Your teen will probably see many of their friends too.

Iowa State Fair

Age: 16 years +

If your teen is looking for a super part-time job summer job in Des Moines, the Iowa State Fair is the place to be. They offer positions in admissions, Thrill Parks, Giant Slide, concessions, and more.

Kue’d Smokehouse

When I began gathering a list of potential teen jobs Kue’d Smokehouse located in Waukee, Iowa was mentioned a few times by local parents. They are locally owned and are flexible with teen schedules.


Age: 15 years +

If your teen loves the water and sun, becoming a lifeguard may be the job for them! Des Moines, Iowa has many pools and aquatic centers that are always looking for and hiring lifeguards. Remember your teen must be certified and have gone through several prerequisites. There is definitely some planning to keep in mind. If you are not a fan of outdoor lifeguard duty check out Goldfish Swim School for lifeguarding opportunities!


Age: 16 years +

Lifetime is a popular fitness club in Des Moines, Iowa. Many may think of lifeguarding during the Summer months for their teens, but they also offer other seasonal positions including Kids Camp Counselor, LifeCafe Team Member, and more. If you are hired, your teen will receive a free membership to Lifetime too!

Movie Theater

Age: 16 years +

A job at your local movie theater is always a great option. Teens may apply for just the Summer or for the school year. There are several movie theaters located in and around Des Moines. Typically, movie theaters offer flexible scheduling and your teen may receive a discount on movies. Score!

Parks and Recreations

Age: 16 years +

Your local Parks and Recreations offer several camps for kids during the Summer months. If your teen loves to be outsides, work with kids, and be active this may be a great seasonal job for them. Search your local community Parks and Recreation and see what opportunities are available.

Pump it Up

Age: 16 years +

Lead and celebrate with kids at Pump it Up! This is another great job for teens who love to work and play with kids. Pump it Up is open various hours and works well with teen schedules all year round.

School Districts

Age: 16 years +

School districts similar to Parks and Recreation offer summer programming for children when school is not in session. If your teen is looking for a seasonal job working and playing with kids this is a great option. Reach out to your local school district and see what options are available.

Urban Air

Age: 14 years +

If your teen is full of high energy and would love to focus on customer service, Urban Air Trampoline Park is a great option. This could be a great seasonal job or all year round. Definitely, a super fun job being around kids!


Age: 16 years +

YMCA offers many opportunities for teens to work including Camp Leader, Lifeguard, Youth Program Instructor, and more. Another great opportunity for your teen in the Des Moines area to work with kids.


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