Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park

Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park

Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park

Winter is rolling into Iowa and we know that freezing temperatures, ice, and snow is just around the corner. Not to fear, there is the ultimate adventure park that just opened in Ankeny, Iowa. Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park is the place to be.

Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park offers 28,000 square feet of attractions for children and adults. The perfect family-friendly destination to burn off energy, challenge yourselves and most importantly have fun. Urban Air Adventure is a mash-up of your favorite trampoline parks and Ninja Warrior challenges all in one.


Adventure Hub | This includes a zipline, Ropes Course, and Tubes Indoor Playground.

Climbing Walls | Have a climber on your hands? This is heaven! My daughter could have spent the entire time climbing and challenging herself.

Ropes Course | Challenge your self at great heights! This course challenges your balance and agility. Parents, a great activity to do with your kiddos! Of course, everyone is safely secured.

Leap of Faith | Monte had a blast trying this over and over again. He almost made it a couple of times! A fun challenge if you want to build up your courage.

ProZone Performance Trampolines | Monte was in awe watching the other kids bounce in this area. I encouraged him to give it a try! He had some trouble getting to the top, but a sweet kid helped him get up there so he could experience the fall.

Warrior Course | You could find both kids in the warrior course the majority of the time and even mom gave it a try! There were about five courses available with different experience levels, that did not stop my kids though. They tried all the levels several times. I think the highlight was falling into the large, clear ball pit!

Wipeout | This is a fun challenge! Grab the entire family and see who is the last to survive. Jump or duck to make sure you do not get hit by the cushioned bar.

Meet the Bowl | If you have younger kiddos at home The Bowl is the perfect place for them to jump without all the big kids around. This area is designated for 7 years or younger. They also offer a seating area nearby so you can watch.

Battle Beam | Another great way to challenge your balance and strength. If you lose, you fall into a large foam pit.

APEX Trampolines |Get all your bouncing out in this area. Bounce off the walls, do flips, and more. This was pure heaven for my little aspiring gymnast.

Tubes Playground | A Playground, because why not?! This playground/obstacle course offers multi-level tubes, slides and more. A ton of fun for anyone 52 inches or shorter.

Dodgeball | Who does not love dodgeball?! But, adding dodgeball to a bunch of trampolines makes it even more fun. There is a whole designated area for this super fun game.

DropZone | Another favorite for my little gymnast. The perfect place to practice your flips and spins.

Slam Dunk Zone | Become your favorite NBA star and practice basketball in this fun area. Jump to the sky and slam dunk!

Tumble Track | Obviously, if you have a gymnast in your family or aspiring gymnast, Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park is the place to be. The Tumble Track is another great place to practice your jumps and flips.

Urban Cafe

Outside food and drink are not prohibited at Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park, but they offer a fun cafe filled with drinks, snacks and other food items.

Birthday Parties

Book your next birthday at Urban Air Ankeny Adventure Park! They offer two great options Classic and Glow Party (select nights only). Either option allows your child and their friends to experience the park for 2 hours. No planning from you! Let Urban Air Ankeny take care of it all for you including table cloth, utensils, plates, cups, balloons and a water bottle for each jumper.

They have several birthday tables in the main area that or you can book a private room for an additional $50. Take a look at all the prices and options.

Parents Area

Parents, looking for an area to chill and maybe get a little work done while your kiddos run and play? The Parents Area offers tables, chairs, TVs and free wifi overlooking the entire park!


There are a few pricing options available.

Ultimate Attractions | $24.99 | Includes everything the park has to offer!

Deluxe Attractions | $19.99 | Includes ProZone Performance Trampolines, Wipeout, Battle Beam, Warrior Course, Tubes-Indoor Playground, and Basic Trampolines.

Basic Attractions | $14.99 | Includes Basic Tramploines.

Parent Pass | $6.99 | Includes same attractions as child.

Urban Air Socks | $2.99 | Required to jump and play.

5 & Under | $9.99 | Access level is dependent on the height of the child. Take a look below of chart below to get an idea of heights for each attraction.


Hours will open earlier when school is not in session.

Monday – Thursday | 4 to 8 p.m.

Friday | 4 to 10 p.m.

Saturday | 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunday | 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Jumperoo | Every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am – 12 pm! 

Jumperoo is where we open select attractions just for the kiddos ages 5 & younger to play in the park and have FUN! It is $9.99 per child and parents play for free.

Helpful Tips

  • There are a few lockers and lots of cubbies available. Do not bring in anything super valuable.
  • Keep your socks! This will save you some money each time you visit.
  • Create a “base” before your kids go off to play. It can get super busy, so if your child knows where to find you, it will help. I definitely felt comfortable letting my kids run off and play. There are employees everywhere that are super helpful and encouraging.
  • Sign your waiver before you go! This will cut off a chunk of time when you arrive.

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