Sneaky Chef Chocolate No-Nut Butter: A Nut Free Alternative

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Back in March I did a review on the new Sneaky Chef line of products.  Since then my family has continued to use and enjoy both the No-Nut butter and the Pasta sauces.  In fact Sneaky Chef pasta sauce is the only sauce we buy now and the entire family agrees it tastes the best.  But now the Sneaky Chef has introduced a new chocolate version of the No-Nut Butter.  I was given the opportunity to taste taste the new product and the results are in………..

It tastes great!  The kiddos and I tried the chocolate No-Nut butter by dipping both graham crackers and pretzels into it.  I made up a plateful for both kids and my daughter had hers eaten up by the time it took me to walk to the kitchen and grab her drink.  My son finished his up and kept asking for more and more.  Pairing the butter with the pretzels (we use gluten free variety) resulted in an awesome salty sweet taste.  I could also see how you could mix this with the original No-Nut butter flavor and get a tasty peanut butter cup treat.

So overall I would give the new Sneaky Chef Chocolate No-Nut Butter two thumbs up.  If you have tried other chocolate nut spreads like Nutella and enjoyed them, you will love this.  Plus it has half the sugar and you don’t have to worry about nut allergies!  So go out and try some today.  You can buy Sneaky Chef products here in Central Iowa at Fareway Store or at some Target stores.



Thomas Brogan

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