Garage Cleaning As a New Winter Activity For Your Children

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Christmas and all related to this long awaited holiday activities are over. After pre-holiday fuss and celebration it is time to enjoy winter with your kids and to mark off with a tick all winter activities planned for this time. Sledding was top priority. When I went to my garage to find sleds I was rather disappointed to waste more than one hour before I managed to get them. That moment I regret not organizing my garage before. Thus, garage makeover became my top priority New Year’s resolution. It looked like a dump. My car was totally disappeared in all those things kept in the garage. It couldn’t go on like this.


My neighbor George gave me a real lift. He showed me his garage that looked fantastic, so neat and organized that resembled a laboratory with a car inside. His storage and decorating system was awesome. George wanted two wishes to come true. They are a) to find his sweetheart and b) to remake his garage. He realized both of them. On a dating site he met Iren and transformed the garage into piece of art!

My garage plan was less ambitious. As I preferred to spend more time with kids outdoors rather than dedicate it to my garage, I decided to start with cleaning and organizing it. My children volunteered to help me. Decluttering looked quite mysteries to them and very soon this process slipped to the game named ‘Searching for treasures’. Though, garage cleaning is far from being captivating, as for me. It requires doing step-by-step activities. And here is my way of conquering garage chaos!

Step 1. Moving a dump outside

Take out all the contents on the driveway. This is an essential and enlightening beginning because it helps you to see what things were stored here. I found some things I had hope to find. There were things I had no idea we owned. And, of course, there were things (such as memorabilia) whose right place was not in the garage. Children had fun by throwing everything on the earth!

Step 2. Sorting out.

For this stage I prepared some boxes (by the way I found them in the garage too. So, as you see, garage cleaning needs no special money funds). Broken things, useless papers and other unnecessary stuff went to the box on which my sin wrote ‘Throw away’. Old toys went to the box ‘Donate’ and the last one was for utilization.

Step 3. Putting back

The rest things were grouped according to their functions. I had tools, garden equipment, sports equipment, kid’s stuff and miscellaneous. Before putting everything back I did three actions. I drove in my car, opened its doors and saw how much space was needed so that not to scrub it and allow passengers and a driver going out the car easily. Then I washed the garage door and floors and put back all categories of things so that it could be convenient and easy to find them.


Erin Huiatt

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  1. We forget that the main purpose of the garage is for parking our Cars and not for the junks. In my house, thanks for sharing such a piece of wonderful information with us. keep it up.

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