How to Get Discounted Adventureland Tickets

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How to Get Discounted Adventureland Tickets

Adventureland Amusement Park is Iowa’s biggest attraction for family fun all summer long. It should be on every family’s summer bucket list, but it can get quite expensive for the whole family to visit and play. So how do you find discount Adventureland Park admission tickets? Here are a few ways to save some green at Adventureland.

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How Much are Adventureland Tickets?

Adventureland ticket prices vary by time of year and age, ranging from $40 to $70. If you try to buy tickets at the gate price, you’ll pay the highest price.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get discounted Adventureland tickets. This theme park, just outside of Des Moines, has fun rides and a water park, it’s not too big, and it’s great for all ages. It’s such a fun experience that you have to go at least once during the summer.

How to Get Discounts for Adventureland

Buying online will probably get you the best value, with savings of more than 40% off the general front gate admission price.

If you are local and think you will want to visit Adventureland more than once this summer (or in the fall for their Oktoberfest or Phantom Fall Fest!), you might want to consider a season pass. They offer gold, platinum, silver, and bronze passes ranging in price from $99 to $229. With perks like free parking, bringing a friend, and food discounts, discounted rates on special event tickets, you’ll make your money back in 2-3 visits!

Previously there were certain coupon codes and sometimes promotional codes available, but that has not happened in a few years.

Military members can purchase up to 4 tickets at a discount. Pricing and instructions for military tickets can be accessed by emailing this email address: Thank you for your service!

Other Places to Check for Adventureland Discount Tickets

There may be other ways to find cheap Adventureland tickets. 

  • Check with your employer. Many large companies have opportunities to purchase discount tickets for Adventureland. If your employer does not offer discounted tickets, check with family and friends to see if their workplaces are community members with Adventureland.
  • You can also check with your bank. Many banks offer discounted tickets. Ask the next time you are there.
  • Check with AAA. You may be able to get a small discount on regular-priced tickets by showing your AAA card at the gate before buying a ticket. Yay, for being a AAA member!
  • Use a Hy-Vee coupon. I am a huge fan of Hy-Vee and most central Iowa Hy-Vee stores have discount ticket coupons available.
  • Post in Facebook groups. I quickly learned that someone, at some point, purchased tickets with hopes to visit Adventureland, but something came up. There are usually a few people trying to get rid of their tickets. 

Other Adventureland Resources to Save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Adventureland?

Adventureland is currently owned by Palace Entertainment.

Where is the best place to stay near Adventureland?

Adventureland Inn offers fun suites and an indoor waterpark families will enjoy after riding rollercoasters all day!

Does Adventureland sell gift cards?

Yes! Purchasing a gift card is a great experience gift. They can be used towards single tickets or season passes.

Discounted Adventureland Tickets, Adventureland, Adventureland Tickets, Des Moines, Iowa


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17 thoughts on “How to Get Discounted Adventureland Tickets

  1. Thank you Thomas!

  2. University of Iowa Credit Union offers discounted tickets as well!

  3. Avatar Richard Christensen says:

    Does this military discount include veterans too

  4. Military Discounted tickets are $35 not $32. Also Regular Priced tickets are now $45 and children 4-9 are $40 and Senior 65+ are $40

  5. Is the Hy-Vee discount the same as Casy’s or AAA? $2 off day pass or $10 off season pass? Thx.

  6. None of the codes worked

  7. Good evening, that is correct! The 2018 season is over. There will be new and updated codes for the 2019 season.

  8. I wanted to purchase 2 season passes for Christmas. When will the 2019 discount be out?

  9. Avatar LISA GREEN says:

    Needing to buy tickets for our yearly family trip when will discount codes be available. Also 2 season passes

  10. I imagine very soon! Small tip they usually just change the year in the code. So, instead of ‘2018’ it would be ‘2019’. I will keep my eyes open and update this when I see it!

  11. Has anyone been to BOTH Adventureland in Iowa, AND Valleyfair in Minnesota?? Which is better???

  12. I have not! Valley Fair is on our list to check out though!

  13. Avatar Cora A Petersen says:

    Valley Fair is a blast!!!!

  14. Dmacc student $30
    Dmacc alumni $35

  15. Discount tickets for staying at Adventureland Inn? Or discounted room rates??

  16. July ’21- Military tickets to Adventureland 40$ at the gate.

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