Big Block SingSong – Moose Project

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My 2 year old son is obsessed with Big Block SingSong on Disney Junior.  If you’re not familiar with these cartoon shorts, it basically different colored blocks singing funny songs.  I have to admit that they are quite catchy and get stuck in my head all the time now.  Anyways, one of the video shorts my son loves is called Moose.  It’s a block that looks like a moose singing about going to the park.  Well today for the kiddos project they worked on making their own moose. They loved the end results and had a blast seeing Moose take shape and come alive.  It was quite easy and required very little materials.  All is that you need is:

  1. Construction Paper (yellow for antlers, dark brown for the block body, white for the teeth, light brown for the nose)
  2. Brown Marker (to color the feet and nostrils of nose)
  3. Medium Sized Plastic Eyes
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue

Using the completed picture below as a guide, cut out your parts, glue together and add your details with the marker.  You are done!

moose-bigblockNow that you have finished your project, take a minute and watch the Big Block Sing Song Moose video.  Get prepared for this song to get stuck in your head!


Thomas Brogan

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