Candle Bar DSM: Custom Candle Fun

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Candle Bar DSM: Custom Candle Fun

If you are looking for a unique and fun family outing here in Des Moines, Iowa I highly recommend checking out Candle Bar DSM. Candle Bar DSM is located in Historic Valley Junction and offers a custom candle bar to create your own candles. The kids had a no school day and I was looking for something fun and hands-on. Candle Bar DSM provided such a great experience! The moment we walked through the door the staff was super friendly and helpful while guiding us through the process. I was a bit nervous with the kids, but they did great and they were so patient with them.

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Pick Your Vessel

The first step of the process is grabbing a clipboard, sheet, and pen. The sheet will guide you through each step. The first step is to pick the vessel you want your candle, room spray, etc. in. They have so many great options from 1 or 3-wick candles, different colors, textures, and more. Each vessel is priced differently. Once you have found the winner or winners, you will write the name of the vessel on your sheet.

Sniff Your Way Through the Fragrance Library

Now it is time to get your nose ready to sniff out all the scents. This step takes a bit longer in the process because they have so many great options. The kids had a lot of fun smelling all the candles. They have all the fragrances you can imagine from fruity to earthy, to basic scents such as vanilla and more. You are encouraged to pick four of your favorite fragrances and write them on your sheet. It may be hard to pick only four fragrances!

Take a Seat at the Bar

Now you are ready to get hands-on and create your customized candle. When you sit down the staff will go over your sheet with you. They will read over your favorite fragrances and give you suggestions of what are good combinations and what may not smell so good together. This helps narrow down what your final candle will smell like.

Get Artsy

Everyone gets to create their own label. The kids loved this part. They provided a label with fun markers and you are encouraged to get as creative as you want. You can give your candle a name, create a symbol, or doodle all over the label.

Blend + Mix

After the label is completed it is time to blend and mix the fragrances. The staff does a great job of guiding you through this process. You first mix your fragrances however you wish. If you like one fragrance more than the other you can include more of that one and so on. Once the fragrance is ready you carefully pour the scent into the hot wax and stir. The kids felt like little scientists mixing their scents and pouring them into the hot wax.

Let it Set

Once you are done stirring the process is complete! It took us about 30 minutes from start to finish, but this can vary for everyone depending on how long it takes for you to make selections, create your label, and so on. You will not be able to take your custom candle right away. It will need to set and harden for about 2 hours. You can return later that day to pick up or another day. Take some time and wander around Valley Junction while you wait!

Other Notes

  • Candle Bar DSM recommends ages 6+ years to create a custom candle.
  • Reservations are required for groups of 4+. I highly recommend reserving a spot no matter the number in your party. They get super busy! If you are planning a visit for an afternoon of fun make sure you contact them to reserve your spot.
  • This is a great location to host a birthday party, bridal, or baby shower! You can bring in your own food and drink. You can also rent the entire space for an additional price.
  • Keep your candle vessel! Candle Bar DSM offers a refill program where you receive a discount if you bring your container back to reuse.

Location + Contact Information

Address: 130 5th Street, West Des Moines, Iowa

Phone: 515-279-5054


Hours: Monday & Tuesday: Closed ; Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm; Sunday: 12pm – 5pm


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