Important Dates in October: Special Days to Celebrate!

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If you’re looking for important dates in October, you’ll find something special for every day of the month. You might have Halloween and hot apple cider on your mind, but these October dates will also have you thinking about teachers, butterflies, and farmers.

Check out these important days of October and find something new to celebrate or learn about!

Pumpkin patch with red barn in background.

October Holidays and Monthly Observances

October brings crisp air, sweater weather, and all things pumpkin. It’s also a time to enjoy apples, books, and roller skating!

  • Columbus Day (Second Monday of the month)
  • Halloween (October 31st)
  • World Smile Day (First Friday of the month)
  • World Egg Day (Second Friday of the month)
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • National Apple Month
  • National Book Month
  • National Bullying Prevention Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • National Roller Skating Month
Young boy picking an apple from a tree.

National Days in October

Enjoy these October special days that you can celebrate at work, school, or home. 

  • October 1st – National Homemade Cookies Day
  • October 2nd – National Custodial Worker Day
  • October 4th – National Frappe Day
  • October 4th – National Golf Day
  • October 10th – National Angel Food Cake Day
  • October 12th – National Gumbo Day
  • October 14th – National Dessert Day
  • October 17th – National Pasta Day
  • October 21st – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  • October 24th – National Bologna Day
  • October 29th – National Cat Day
  • October 30th – National Candy Corn Day

More Special Days in October

From fire awareness to carving pumpkins, these important days in October are the perfect opportunity to teach kids valuable lessons while having fun. Try a fire station tour and don’t miss one of these pumpkin patches in Des Moines

Fire house.
  • October 1st – World Vegetarian Day
  • October 2nd – Change a Light Day
  • October 3rd – Butterfly and Hummingbird Day
  • October 4th – World Animal Day
  • October 5th – World Teachers Day
  • October 6th – National Coaches Day
  • October 7th – Kids Music Day
  • October 8th – I Love Yarn Day
  • October 9th – Fire Prevention Day
  • October 10th – World Mental Health Day
  • October 11th –  Southern Food Heritage Day
  • October 12th – Farmers Day
  • October 13th – English Language Day
  • October 14th – Be Bald and Be Free Day
  • October 15th –  Global Handwashing Day
  • October 16th – Bosses Day
  • October 17th – Pay Back a Friend Day
  • October 18th – Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • October 19th – New Friends Day
  • October 20th – International Sloth Day
  • October 21st – “Back to the Future” Day
  • October 22nd – Make a Difference Day    
  • October 23rd – Boston Creme Pie Day
  • October 24th – United Nations Day
  • October 25th – International Artists Day
  • October 26th – Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night
  • October 27th – National Black Cat Day
  • October 28th – First Responders Day
  • October 29th – Frankenstein Day
  • October 30th – National Checklist Day
  • October 31st – Carve a Pumpkin Day

When it comes to important dates to remember, these October dates are all worthy of celebration. While you think about your Halloween costume, be sure to thank a teacher, a first responder, and a firefighter while enjoying your pumpkin cheesecake and candy corn!


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