Movement Break Ideas this School Year + {{FREEBIES}}

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Movement Break Ideas this School Year

This school year is going to look a LOT different for every single family. Whether you have chosen virtual learning, homeschool, or hybrid, your children will easily be having a ton more screen time. Breaks and movement will be huge to make sure your children are healthy and happy. We have gathered some fun movement break ideas that your children (and YOU) can do in between online learning this school year. Bookmark this page and plan a fun movement breaks throughout your day.

Roll the Dice

This movement break is simple! Grab some dice and give them a roll. Depending on what number the child lands on they will have to do some form of movement.

You do not need a bunch of supplies and it is a great way for the kids to build some strength, get their heart rate up, and most importantly have fun! Click the image, download, print, and laminate for multiple uses.

Animal Actions

Learn about animals and get some movement! Download these fun Animal Cards. Take turns selecting a card and do what the card reads such as walk like an elephant, fly like a bird, run like a hamster, and more.

Calming Brain Break

It is important to get up and move, but it is just as important for kids to rest and process for a bit. Some ideas include:

  • Square Breathing: Thi involves breathing while following the shape of a square. Breath in for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4. Repeat this process for 8-10 repetitions.
  • Blow Bubbles: It is amazing how calming blowing bubbles can be! Take deep breaths and see who can blow the largest bubble.
  • Body Scans: Body scans are just as important for children as it is for adults. Have kids find a comfortable spot, close their eyes, and the parents will lead. Starting from the toes, direct kids to squeeze as tight as they can, and then release. Move up to the legs, buttocks, abdomen, hands, arms, neck, and face. Finish by getting them to squeeze everything at the same time.


YouTube can be your friend! Here are a list of some fun YouTube Channels to assist with movement breaks.

  • Go Go Yoga for Kids: Themed yoga for kids and better yet, it is taught by a local, West Des Moines teacher!
  • Debbie Do: Fun movement routines to simple songs.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: One of our favorites in our house. Themed yoga and shorter videos for brain breaks.
  • Dance Sweat Live: Mini Workouts feature simple dance routines to some popular songs.

What’s Your Name?

This is an awesome movement break idea that incorporates spelling! Have your child spell out their name or any word you would like to give. For each letter, they have to do a certain activity and/or movement. Such as ‘A’ jump up & down 10 times, ‘T’ pretend to pedal a bike with you for a count of 17, and so on. Here is a free printable. Download, print, and laminate to use daily!

Take a look at my segment on Hello Iowa! going over this fun activity:


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