5 Fun Holiday Recipes to Make with the Kids

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5 Fun Holiday Recipes to Make with the Kids 

Get the kids into the kitchen with doable recipes they can help you make—and eat!

Baking with kids is a highlight of the holidays, and we have a feeling we’ll all be doing a little more of it this year. Bring on the comfort baking, right?! That said, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to have little ones in the kitchen with their eagerness, enthusiasm and carefree flour-flinging styles…but I’ve found a few recipes that are easy enough to do together without having to turn the whole kitchen upside down.

These recipes are the kitchen activities that I do with my kids each winter and ones that I hope you enjoy too. They are designed to be made with little kids and each has streamlined ingredients and instructions. Pick one or do one a week as we countdown towards the holidays to help make the most of this unusual year. And most of all, enjoy your time together…even if it does wind up getting a little messy!

Healthy Sugar Cookies

These cookies are super easy and don’t require any electric mixers. Plus the dough is allergy-friendly and super versatile. We like to paint on frosting with a paintbrush, which is a really easy way for little kids to decorate holiday cookies.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Get out the potato masher and put those little muscles to good use with this simple recipe. I love letting toddlers and preschoolers use a potato masher since they are super sturdy and fun to use. I recommend working in a really big bowl and standing nearby the kids in case they need assistance.

Easy Gingerbread Cookies

With an easy method and mellow flavor, these are fun cut out cookie to make together. They have a slightly crisp texture and work well to make ahead and share with friends and family. You can leave them plain or let the kids go to town adding decorations to their little people!

Salt Dough Ornaments

Nothing beats a classic salt dough ornament and grandparents always LOVE a kid handprint keepsake. This recipe just requires flour, salt, and water and is a fun activity to do throughout the day. All three of my kids love painting their creations—and gifting them to everyone they know! (They make a sweet teacher gift too.)

Graham Cracker Houses

Make shortcut gingerbread houses with this easy DIY Graham Cracker version. I love to make the houses and then let the kids decorate them with a range of snacks and candies for a fun and edible snacktivity that’s perfect for a winter weekend. Most years, we make these with friends, and while this year we’ll just do it with our family, I’m still looking forward to the tradition. We put ours on our mantel as kid-made décor to enjoy through the New Year.

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Amy Palanjian is the creator of Yummytoddlerfood.com and author of the new cookbook for little kids, Busy Little Hands: Food Play. She lives in Pella with her three kids…and at least one is almost always in the kitchen with her. 

Holiday Baking, Holiday baking with Kids, Christmas, Holiday recipes, Yummy Toddler Food, Busy Little Hands: Food Play

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