24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Hacks

24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Hacks

24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Hacks

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Remember when the countdown to Christmas meant a black sharpie and a large wall calendar (likely from the local savings bank)? Or, the 24-hour marathons of “The Christmas Story” airing every day leading up to the 25th of December? Or, simply ask your mom, “How many more days left until Christmas?” until she finally threatened to take Christmas away if you asked again?

Advent certainly looked a bit differently when I was a child anticipating the arrival of that jolly bearded guy with my “Girl Talk Date Line” board game and see-through telephone than it does for my children. Now, it is all about the Elf. The Elf on the Shelf. The felt doll that has more influence and power in its 24 days in our home than I have all year. And listen, I know some people hate it. Like, would rather rock Aunt Clara’s pink bunny pajama suit in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade than move an elf from spot to spot every single night, hate it.

But, I have to be honest; and, I’m a little nervous because I know what I’m about to say may not make me very popular among some parents, friends, neighbors, blog followers, etc; but, I love it. I mean, I have a Pinterest page and a gallery folder in my phone devoted to nothing but “elfspiration”. I spend months pinning and purchasing “props” just for December 1st, the day “Flowers” makes her return in our home. (I swear, my daughter named everything “Flowers” for a solid year and a half).

Elf, Countdown to Christmas, Christmas

The beauty of the Elf is that you don’t have to “adopt” one. You can be an Elf-free home (the way that you can proudly be a slime-free home). There’s simply no shame in a momma’s game to stay sane. No shame!

However, I know a lot of mommas who are doing the “Elf” (… and, the slime) despite their alleged free will. Because isn’t that we do? We pick and choose what we can semi “tolerate” (sorry, Cookie Swirl C., your voice is not one of those things for this momma!); and, we do just do it.

The selflessness of a parent really does deserve the maddest of all props. It really shows little end (again, unless we’re talking about Cookie Swirl C!). We all have our limits … and yours might be the Elf! And, so what?! But if it’s not, I wanted to put together a way that might make that red felt in your home a little easier and, (with the best of hopes) even a little more enjoyable … for all. Not just the kiddos.

This is a month worth of “Flowers” at work in our home. She hopes this will spare yourself some hours of pinning, google searching or creative plotting. Because when we can help each other as mommas, that’s what we should do.

Elf, Countdown to Christmas, Christmas

“Don’t compare yourself to other moms. We’re all a hot mess. Some just hide it better than others.”

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2 thoughts on “24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Hacks

  1. Kim Alton says:

    We (me slightly more than my husband) love our Elf too! It’s so fun to see our girls excitement each morning when they see what Buddy was up to overnight! ❤️?

  2. @Kim Alton I love hearing how much joy Buddy is bringing to your home! Those smiles sure make the holiday season that much more special.

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