Des Moines Parent Spotlight: Anna Horvath

Des Moines Parent Spotlight: Anna Horvath

Des Moines Parent Spotlight: Anna Horvath

We are spotlighting studio director and local mom, Anna Horvath. Anna is the studio director at Grace Ballet & Acrobatics with four different locations in the Des Moines area. Amelia has been a part of this studio for a few years and is in love with Miss Anna. Anna shares about her studio, her best parenting tips (probably one of my favorites), and more below.

Give us a little background on your family and personal life! How many kids do you have? Have you lived in Des Moines all your life?

Born in Indianola I moved to Altoona as a child. Now I live with my 4 children in Ankeny. I am a single mom after getting myself and my children out of a domestic abuse situation. Now our household is one of joy, peace, and kindness and I am incredibly grateful for the life God has blessed us with. I openly share more on my blog and hope that our lives can encourage and inspire other families who might be dealing with the same situation. You can find my blog here.

What is your business, and what do you do?

I am the director of Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio. We are a Christian dance studio with 4 locations. Des Moines, Ankeny,  Indianola and now Marshalltown. I LOVE my job! I get to inspire little movers as they explore dance and learn to believe in themselves!

Why did you become a small business owner?

I always wanted to be a dance teacher, since I was age 9 I told my parents it’s was my goal in life … I don’t think at age 9 I knew even an ounce of all the work it takes to actually run a business, but through the years I have actually come to love the challenges that come with small business ownership … except for taxes … can we all agree it’s not fun to pay tax?

Where is your favorite place to take your children to play indoors?

We like the Science Center on cold days or the inside portion of the Zoo. Sometimes we also head to the mall before the stores open and play there as well.

Where is your favorite place to take your children to play outdoors?

We love being outside! I like to explore new places all the time which is why I love Des Moines Parent! I look at your park suggestions all the time and we take off for new spots.

Parent’s day/night out. Describe your perfect parent only day/night out in Des Moines.

Oh boy… Nights out?! I enjoy mom’s night out just eating with friends and catching up. Adult conversations are such a needed thing!

What are some tips on juggling parenthood, working, and personal life?

Wake up early. Get up and take care of yourself before you have to take care of your littles. Workout, drink coffee, do your devotions/meditation and shower. Then you can start the day emotionally ready for all that comes at you. Also, take time for yourself during the week. Go get coffee with a friend, or get a facial, or even just run errands alone.

What is your number one parenting tip?

Apologize to your kids. When you mess up admit it and model for them repentance and restoration.

Follow Her:

Website: www.GraceBallet.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GraceBalletandAcrobaticsStudio/


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