Back to School with Tommy’s Express Car Wash

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Back to School with Tommy’s Express Car Wash

If you have been around here awhile, you know how much traveling we do from pulling Poppy the Camper to road trips across the Midwest. When the school year rolls around, we basically live out of our car between school drop off’s, dance, band, karate, and other activities. Our car is an extension of the family and it is important we keep it in the best condition all year round. Tommy’s Express Car Wash makes it super quick and easy to make sure our car is always cleaned from the inside out.

About Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is much more than what your average convenience store car wash has to offer. They care about their local community and want to ensure that everyone has the option to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape by making sure the process is quick, safe, and affordable. There are several locations across the United States.

Skip the Lane Fly through the App Lane

I am a big fan of convenience and not that I do not love chatting with the incredible employees at Tommy’s Express Car Wash, I love to fly through and get the job done quickly. Tommy’s Express Car Wash offers a free app that you can download to your mobile device and become a TommyClub member. Within the app, you can search for car washes near you. This is great if you are traveling! You can also put in your payment preferences, receive deals and discounts, and input your vehicle details including your license plate.

When you arrive at Tommy’s Express Car Wash, drive through the App Lane. A scanner will read your license plate and the gate will open for you to move on through to get your vehicle all shiny and clean. It really is the easiest and best experience!

Plans at Every Price

When you become a TommyClub member you can select which plan you would like to sign up for. They offer plans starting at $22.99 a month for unlimited washes. The Works is our family’s favorite because it includes the Rainbow Coat ® which is full of colorful gentle foam and is a lot of fun to drive through.

If you do not want to commit to a specific plan there is the option to pay per wash. You can still take advantage of App Lane and your card on file is only charged when you get a car wash.

Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Tommy’s Express Car Wash does a great job cleaning the outside of the vehicle, but they also offer FREE services to make sure the inside is clean and well taken care of too. As a mom of two who live off snacking every minute of the day, we accumulate a lot of trash, crumbs, and spills. Tommy’s Express Car Wash offers free vacuum cleaners. They have long hoses, are super easy, and are a great way to put the kids to work too. They actually find it fun and I will ride that for as long as I can!

While you are vacuuming make sure to grab your mats and use the free mat washing stations that are also available. Looking to give your vehicle a little extra love? Grab some detail kits for just $3 that include glass cleaner, surface cleaner, ultra towel, and air freshener clips.

There you have it! So many great reasons why Tommy’s Express Car Wash should be included in your family routine. My challenge to you? Download the FREE TommyClub app, search for the closest location to you, and fly through to make sure your vehicle is set to go for the back-to-school season! 


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