5 Myths and Facts About Pediatric Sleep Consultants

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Sleeping Like a Baby: Separating Myths from Facts about Pediatric Sleep Consultants

I have had the joy of working with families as a birth and postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor for the past 12 years and started helping parents with sleep in the fall of 2020. It has been such a joy to work with families after their babies have arrived and also get to know many new families! Many myths are out there about what a pediatric sleep consultant does. Let’s go over 5 myths about pediatric sleep consultants.

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Myth #1: A pediatric sleep consultant just tells parents to let their children cry it out.

Fact: Absolutely not! I am so glad I trained with the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. I learned LOTS of different ways to help infants and children learn proper sleep. Teaching gentle sleep methods is what I do and love. There are so many ways to teach our babies to sleep and I work with parents on realistic goals for their families. It is so important for our children to know we love them at all times; even while teaching new skills. This is a true statement for as long as you are a parent. As a parent to 4 adult and teenage boys, I know this to be true!

Myth #2: Pediatric sleep consultants only work with babies.

Fact: While sleep training is most commonly associated with babies, pediatric sleep consultants can work with children of all ages. My sweet spot is newborns (teaching parents to sleep shaping and comfort techniques), infants (especially 4-12 months), and toddlers. Maybe it’s the doula in me but I love little ones and helping parents get quality sleep. I even wrote a newborn sleep guide and do free webinars for expecting and new parents because I love this stage! Getting into a good routine early can make such a difference when it comes to sleep deprivation that a lot of new parents experience. 

Myth #3: Pediatric sleep consultants only work with families who want to sleep-train their children.

Fact: While many families seek out a sleep consultant because they want to establish healthy sleep habits, I can also help with issues such as night waking, bedtime routines, early morning waking, and daytime naps. I also help families working through breastfeeding and bottle-feeding concerns while working on sleep.

Myth #4: Pediatric sleep consultants are expensive and only for rich families.

Fact: While some sleep consultants can be expensive, there are many affordable options available. I offer a few different plans depending on the age of the child and what the family’s goals are.

Myth #5: Pediatric sleep consultants guarantee results.

Fact: While I work with each family to find a plan that works for them, there are no guarantees when it comes to working on sleep. Every child is unique and what works for one family may not work for another which is why having a personalized plan can make such a difference. I can provide support and guidance throughout the process, which can make it much easier for families to establish healthy sleep habits. I am the cheerleader and shoulder to lean on as parents go through the process.

Well-rested families are happier and healthier. Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining physical health. It helps to strengthen the immune system, regulate hormones, and improve overall body functioning. As a new parent, getting enough sleep can help you recover from childbirth, boost your energy levels, and cope better with the physical demands of taking care of a newborn.

Sleep is also essential for mental health. It helps to regulate mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive function. As a new parent, getting enough sleep can help you manage the emotional rollercoaster that comes with caring for a newborn, and make you better equipped to handle the challenges of parenthood.

If you find that you need assistance, know who your local resources are: postpartum doula, pediatrician, family doctor, and of course a sleep consultant!

About Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee has worked with women and families in some capacity for 20 years. Eleven years ago she became a birth doula and the rest is history! She is a lifelong learner so she has added many skills: pediatric sleep consultant, Hypnobabies childbirth instructor, postpartum doula, and breastfeeding counselor. She assists families from pregnancy through age six!  She has been blessed to be in attendance as a birth doula to over 600 births and counting. Shannon is excited to now add a birth assistant to her skills and to support families in this new role. 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with my husband and her four boys, crocheting, reading, and volunteering. Her doula bestie and she runs a free postpartum moms group in Waukee that meets twice a month. Every birth is unique and such a miracle. It’s always a blessing to witness!

Learn more and book her services at https://www.blessedbirthsandbeyond.com/


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