Exploring Wonders at the Kiewit Luminarium {Omaha Luminarium}

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Exploring Wonders at the Kiewit Luminarium {Omaha Luminarium}

The Kiewit Luminarium is an extraordinary destination that offers a vibrant and enriching experience for people of all backgrounds and people of all ages. I would describe it as an intersection of science and a children’s museum for the ultimate learning experience. Our first visit was amazing and we definitely did not see and play with all the things! This unique venue combines education, hands-on exhibits, and a place of innovation with interactive displays, entertainment, and exploration to create an immersive environment that encourages parents and young visitors to explore all the different wonders. 

Other things to check out when you visit Nebraska:

Kiewit Luminarium Location 

If you are traveling through downtown Omaha, you will not miss the lumiarium’s steely exterior on the edge of Omaha. The Kiewit Luminarium is located along Omaha’s Riverfront on the Missouri River. While you are exploring the luminarium it will be hard to miss views of the river and downtown building. 

The physical address is 345 Riverfront Drive, Omaha, Nebraska 68102 in the Lewis & Clark Landing at The RiverFront. 

Interactive Learning Spaces

At the heart of the Kiewit Luminarium are its interactive learning spaces designed specifically for young minds. These spaces are crafted to stimulate curiosity and encourage hands-on exploration from interactive exhibits such as learning about sound waves and exploring biology exhibits. From science and technology to art and nature, each area is carefully created to provide a holistic learning experience. The Kiewit Luminarium recognizes that children learn best through play, and as such, every corner is a potential discovery zone. 

Immersive Exhibits

One of the highlights of the Kiewit Luminarium is its array of immersive exhibits. They offer over 100! These exhibits transport visitors to different worlds, allowing them to engage with educational content in a fun and memorable way. There are so many different ways of learning. Amelia loved the sand and water exhibit that shared taught her about the land and water in Omaha. The Grid was another family favorite where it invited us into a two-story tower filled with hands-on learning about skills we use daily, our communities, and the process of building a skyscraper. 

You cannot leave without running and climbing through the geometry playground. The kids could have spent hours playing. This is a great spot for younger kids who need to move and burn off some energy! 

When you arrive make sure you take a look or ask someone about programming for the day. They offer lead demonstrations throughout the day to encourage big thinking and learning! 

Innovative Technology

The Kiewit Luminarium embraces cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. Interactive screens, virtual reality displays, and augmented reality elements are integrated into the exhibits, providing a modern and engaging platform for children to interact with information. My kids loved all the fun technology. It was a unique experience for them to learn about the past and future. 

Educational Workshops

For parents seeking a more structured educational experience, the Kiewit Luminarium offers a range of workshops tailored for different age groups. These workshops cover various subjects, from basic science principles to creative arts and crafts. Each workshop is led by knowledgeable educators and is a unique way for children to ask questions, experiment, and dig a little deeper.  

Special Events

The Kiewit Luminarium hosts regular special events that bring the community together such as adult nights on Thursday evenings, which is currently Night Light Glow. They also offer family-friendly events too! These events often feature special exhibits, live demonstrations, and interactive activities for both children and adults. It’s an excellent opportunity for families to bond while exploring the wonders of science, art, and culture. From themed weekends to holiday celebrations, the events calendar at the Kiewit Luminarium is filled with exciting events all year round. 

Outdoor Play Space

One of the highlights of the Kiewit Luminarium was the outdoor playground and green space. Although it was winter and there was some fresh powder on the ground, it did not stop them from climbing and playing on the unique playground. The entire playground promotes both physical and cognitive development. It includes climbable structures, tall slides, a water feature, rubber footing, music, and so much more. We cannot wait to make another visit when it is a bit warmer outside! 

Cafes and Relaxation Areas

Understanding that a day of exploration can be tiring for both kids and parents, the Kiewit Luminarium provides a cute and comfortable cafe on the main level and a relaxation area on the second floor. These spaces offer a chance to recharge. Fig. Cafe is a popular spot to stop at for lunch or to grab a coffee before going to explore the luminarium. 

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The Kiewit Luminarium is committed to making its facilities accessible and inclusive for all. Wheelchair ramps, sensory-friendly exhibits, and accommodations for different abilities ensure that every child, regardless of their unique needs, can fully participate in the enriching experiences offered by the venue. Their commitment to inclusivity makes it a welcoming space for families with all abilities. 

Luminarium Store

Can you leave the science center of the children’s museum without checking out the gift shop? The Luminarium store is filled with fun things to take home to continue learning or a great place to purchase gifts for loved ones. All of the proceeds from purchases go to support the nonprofit mission at Kiewit Luminarium. 

Insider Tips

​Here are some tips to keep in before you go! 

  • Bring water bottles and snacks. You will get hungry and thirsty! You are allowed to bring in outside items. So make sure you are prepared! 
  • Bring in as little as possible. They do have free lockers, but if it’s really busy they fill up fast. They are also not huge, so you cannot fit a ton. 
  • Purchase your tickets ahead of time for a timeslot. They do cut off entries if it gets too busy. We arrived without purchasing tickets ahead of time and had to wait about 45 minutes before we could go in. 
  • Plan an entire day to stay and play to make the most out of your admission. 

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