5+ Things To Do at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska

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5+ Things To Do at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska

Are you looking for a fun, outdoor adventure? Nature lovers rejoice! Plan a visit to Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. This little piece of Nebraska is fun for the whole family and filled with acres of natural beauty and outdoor exploration any day of the year. There are many, many things to do at Arbor Day Farm, but I have gathered at least 5 things to do at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Take an up-close look at our fun experience. 

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Approximately 45 miles south of Omaha is the home of Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska. This area consists of 260 acres of beautiful nature, outdoor activities, Lied Lodge, Apple House Market, Tree Adventure, Arbor Lodge Historical Park, and so much more. 

Lied Lodge

When planning your visit and stay at Arbor Day Farm you will want to make sure to book your room at the Lied Lodge. This hotel (lodge) provides such a cozy home in the middle of the farm. You will not want to leave. I loved all the little touches that made you feel like you were within a treehouse. The lobby was decorated beautifully for the holidays and there were many beautiful views of the land. 

One of our favorite amenities was the indoor pool and hot tub. This was the perfect hangout when we were not outdoors exploring. We take our pools seriously and Lied Lodge’s pool did not disappoint. It was huge! Plus, it is heated. In addition, they had a nice hot tub and a separate smaller pool that was 18 inches deep for little swimmers. The main pool was no more than 4 feet 6 inches deep. 

The rooms were comfortable and stocked with a single-serve coffeemaker, had a refrigerator available, and had access to Netflix for a movie night in. Book your stay here

Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

Before we made our way to Arbor Day Farm the kids and I had taken a look at what the one-of-a-kind Tree Adventure was online and let’s just say the website does not do it justice! This is an incredible area with hours and hours of outdoor playtime. Families can enjoy many Tree Adventure attractions including sensory experiences, interactive exhibits, an outdoor nature classroom where children will have fun building or playing music, climbing opportunies, a zipline, a large slide, and so much more. 

As you walk along the trails take a look at the animal prints along the path and make a stop to see the hive of honeybees. Although it wasn’t active when we visited, we had fun taking a look inside. 

The highlight of the area? The one-of-a-kind Treetop Village! I had so much following along the maze of bridges. The whole village includes 11 different tree houses scattered along 3 acres. Don’t worry, if you are scared of heights! The bridges are enclosed with netting so you feel completely safe. 

While you are exploring the Treetop Village make sure you find the WonderNet. The kids spent a ton of time bouncing around the raised net. There is also a 50-foot slide connected to it where the kids had fun going down too. 

The area also includes many trails for families to follow along including the South Table Creek Trail which is a 2/3-mile trail that takes you into the heart of the forest. 

You can experience the Tree Adventure and Treetop Village any time of year as it is open year-round. When we made our visit there was some snow on the ground, but we brought our snow gear along and did just fine. Overall this is a great gem for active hands, young children to adults! 

Apple House Market 

After all that playing outside you will be hungry! A stop at the Apple House Market located directly next to the Tree Adventure is a must. We grabbed a delicious and big lunch at Porter’s which serves BBQ food, apple cider slushies, and other apple-inspired goodness. 

Once you have filled your tummies, take a walk through the Apple House Market which includes a small gift shop, wine tasting bar, and an area where you can learn and see how apple cider is made at Arbor Day Farm. 

Arbor Lodge State Historical Park

Arbor Day Farm is the birthplace of Arbor Day. When you visit the Arbor Lodge State Historical Park & Arbor Lodge Mansion you will have the chance to learn all about the Morton Family and the important mission and history of Arbor Day. This 72-acre state park is filled with historic artifacts, an arboretum, carriage houses, walking trails, and tons more. This is a great spot for education for all ages. 

Discovery Ride

We did not get a chance to experience the Discover Ride at Arbor Day Farm, but this is a wonderful thing to do so you can experience behind the scenes. It is a one-hour ride where a Nature Interpreter shares all about the farm and some fun facts, and you may see some fun animals too. Highly recommend doing this if you visit in April through October. 

Hike Miles of Trails

The entire property is filled with miles of trails. You can enjoy lovely walks to all locations of Arbor Day Farm via their trail system including Doug’s Trail which takes you from Lied Lodge, by the Historic Barns to the Tree Adventure. Below is a map for your reference. Pick and choose which trails are best for your family and take in the natural world around you at Arbor Day Farm.

Source of map found here.

Special Events

All year round Arbor Day Farm hosts special events. As you plan your trip make sure you check their event calendar for upcoming events. 

About Arbor Day Foundation

The mission of the Arbor Day Foundation is to “inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees — comes to life.” When you visit Arbor Day Farm the admissions, your stay, and more all go to supporting the Arbor Day Foundation. You can learn more about the foundation here


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