Explore Village Park in Altoona, Iowa

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Explore Village Park in Altoona, Iowa

Village Park is one of our family’s favorite playdate parks on the east side of the metro. This park is inviting to all ages. My older kids love the giant slide. The tall tower always invites my kids to play make-believe imagining it is their clubhouse. My kids who love making obstacle courses love creating them throughout the large structure. They will often ask me to time them as they adventure through. 

The 2-5-year-old playground here is a great standard playground with several different slides. Younger kids love that it is a playground made for them, but also still includes a spiral slide! 

As a parent, I think this is a perfect playdate park for those days you don’t want water play. Village Park is one of those parks even when there are lots of families playing it doesn’t feel overcrowded and overwhelming. I also love it is a well-shaded area with lots of trees around and a large open-air shelter. There are also several picnic tables spread throughout the park with small open-air shelters over them. 


Village Park is located at the corner of 17th Ave NW and 4th St NW in Altoona, Iowa. 

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to basketball

Bathrooms: Seasonal flushable restrooms, water fountain

Shade: Shade throughout the park

Playground: 2-5-year-old and 5-12-year-old playground, also a 3rd 5-12 year old traditional playground 

Trails: Connected to paved Altoona neighborhood trail

Water: None

Official website: https://www.altoona-iowa.com/business_detail_T12_R21.php

Park Amenities

  • Large open-air picnic shelter (available for rent)
  • Tennis/pickleball courts
  • Large trees throughout the park
  • Swings (infant bucket and traditional)
  • Parking lot
  • Wood chips
  • Basketball full court
  • Picnic tables/benches throughout the park
  • Seasonal flushable restrooms, drinking fountain

Located Near Village Park

When we leave Village Park, my kids love stopping at Cold Stone Ice Cream, 2437 Adventureland Dr. Suite A, less than a mile away from the park on our way home. 

We also love checking out Bass Pro Shops, 1000 Bass Pro Dr, whenever we are in Altoona. My kids love walking around to see all the different animals on display throughout the store and looking at the aquarium. 

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci is an adventurer and park enthusiast. She will often be exploring Central Iowa parks and finding hidden treasures with her five kids. Most of all, Kaci enjoys sharing all of her discoveries with those around her. Give her a follow on Instagram at @kennedysdoparks.

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