Swim Lessons in Des Moines

Swim Lessons in Des Moines

Swim Lessons in Des Moines

We may be still wearing hats, gloved and winter coats, but soon enough our children will be wanting to take a dip in the pool. Now is the time to do your research and begin registering your child for swim lessons in Des Moines. The very first step is to determine whether you will start now with indoor lessons or wait until the pools open. I have done the digging for you. Take a look at the options available in central Iowa and make the decision that is best for you!

Swim Lessons in Des Moines

Altoona Campus 

Swim lessons are two evenings a week for 5 weeks.

Water Babies: Infants and Toddlers 6 months to 3 years. Familiarizes children to the water – Provides parents with safety information and teaching techniques. This is a true bonding experience for parents and children. Classes are further broken down to level 1 for 6 months to 18 months and level 2 for 18 month to 3 years. $40

Beginners: General guidelines 3 to 6 years of age. Broken down into two levels. Members $55; Non-member $80

Intermediate: General guidelines 6 to 9 years of age. Broken down into two levels. Members $55; Non-member $80

Swimmer: General guidelines 9 to 11 years of age. Broken down into two levels. Members $55; Non-member $80

Advanced: General guidelines 11 years of age or older. Members $55; Non-member $80

Take a look at description of each level here.

Ankeny Parks & Recreation 

Swim lessons are not listed, but will be announced soon!

Aqua Tots Swim Schools

Aqua Tots offers swim lessons and breaks down their levels into Parent & Tot, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Within each level it is further broken down. They offer sibling discounts. Take a look here for description of levels and when classes are offered.


1 day/week $79 month

2 days/week $144 month

3 days/week $205 month

Clive Parks & Recreation 

Registration for Clive Residents: Tuesday, May 1

Registration for Non-Residents: Tuesday, May 8 

Swim lessons through Clive Parks & Recreation times and dates may be subject to change. There are several options of times and dates. Take a look here for a schedule. Group lessons are Monday-Thursday for week 1 and Monday-Wednesday for week 2. 

Preschool Aquatics: 3 to 5 years; Estimated ratio 1:5. Preschool Aquatics aims to promote the developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills by young children. Red Cross Preschool Aquatics teaches aquatic and safety skills in a logical progression through three levels of courses. $42 

Learn to Swim: 6+ years; Estimated ratio 1:6 – 1:10. Learn to Swim is broken down further into different levels. Level 1 being an introduction to water skills all the way to level 6, swimming and skill proficiency. $42

Private Lessons: Ages 5+. Benefits of private lessons in addition to 1:1 instruction include
conquering previous fears, adapted goals, and more practice time with direct
instruction and feedback. Instructors use American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim
progressions at an individualized pace. $80

Semi-Private Lessons: Ages 5+. Semi-private lessons offer a similar
experience but with two students and one teacher. Youth must be within one progress level of one another. $60/child 

Des Moines Parks & Recreation 

Swim lessons and dates have not been announced for 2018. There are three different class format option including a 1-week format with 5-classes for 45 minutes, 2-week format with 8-classes for 35 minutes or Private lessons with 4-classes with 30 minute lessons.

Baby/Infant + Me: For children ages 6 months to 3 years. The goal is to assist you in helping your child become comfortable and oriented in the water. A parent must accompany each child. Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. $30

Preschool Swim: For children ages 3 to 5 years. Bridges the gap between Baby/Infant and Me and Learn to Swim. Parent must accompany the child in the water at the beginning of the session and may gradually be eased out by the instructor. Child will learn introductory water safety skills. Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. $30

Learn to Swim:  Learn to Swim Lessons consist of five comprehensive levels that teach people of varying ages and abilities how to swim skillfully and safely. Each level includes training in basic water safety. All aquatic and safety skills are taught in a logical progression. The objective is to teach people to swim and be safe in, on and around the water. Minimum age 5 years. Class ratio is 1:6-1:10. View level descriptions here$30 

Private Swimming Lesson: Minimum age 6 years. This provides an opportunity to enhance skills learned in group lessons. $30 

Dowling Riptide Summer Lessons 

Dowling Riptide offers Three different swim lessons sessions. Class levels include Bubblers, Floaters, Paddlers, Gliders, Divers, and Swimmers. View descriptions of each level here. Group lessons are $75 for ten 30 minutes lessons. 

Indianola Parks & Recreation 

Swim lessons have not been listed, but will be announced soon!

Morris Swimming LLC

Morris Swimming LLC provides one on one private swimming lessons for students ages 3 and older. Each student will be assigned their own individual instructor. In the pool there are 3-4 students in the water with 3-4 instructors. They offer several sessions and times. Take a look at their note on their Facebook page for details. Registration for existing customers opens March 2 and new customer sign-up opens April 1. $100 per session 

Summit Pool 

Swim lessons for Spring/Summer registration are not open yet. For more details call 515-278-0552.

Learn to Swim: Learn to swim lessons are broken down into different levels starting with Parent/Tot through level six. These courses consist of eight, 30 minutes lessons. Look at each level description here. $54 per class

Private Swim Lessons: 1:1 ratio and consists of four, 30 minutes lessons. $80 per class

Urbandale Swimming Pool 

For more details or questions about swim lessons at Urbandale Swimming Pool call 515-278-3959. 

Parent & Child Lessons: Class size is 5 to 10 children. Broken into children 6 months to 18 months and children 18 months to 3 years. This class will focus on ways for you to enjoy water with your child. An adult must be in the water with the child throughout the class time. This class is designed to make your child more comfortable in and enjoy being around the water. Lessons are 4-nights a week for 2-weeks.$45

Preschool Lessons: Broken down into three levels. Class size ranges from 2- to 4 children. Take a look at a description of each level here. Lessons are 2-nights a week for 3-weeks. $45

Learn to Swim: Participants must be 5 years of ages and a minimum of 45 inches tall. These lessons are broken down into six levels. View a description of each level here. Lessons are 2-nights a week for 3-weeks. $40

West Des Moines Parks and Recreation 

Swim lessons details are not listed, but will be announced soon!


Each location offers different times and classes for swim lessons. Swim lessons are open to members and non-members. Lessons are weekly for 6 weeks. Members $60; Non-Members $120.

Waterbabies: For ages 6 months to 3 years and is a parent/child class.

Preschool Levels: For children ages 3 to 5 years. Broken down into four levels including Pike, Eeel, Ray, and Starfish. Take a look at descriptions of each level here.

School Age Levels: For children 6 years and older. Broken down into six levels including Polliwog, Guppy, Minnow, Fish, Flying Fish, and Shark. Take a look at descriptions of each level here.


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