Stratford Crossing Park in Waukee, Iowa

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Stratford Crossing Park in Waukee, Iowa

Stratford Crossing Park is a brand-new park in Waukee, Iowa. The two giant towers with bright blue slides coming out immediately draw kids into this playground. The large structure is a climber’s and slider’s dream. (My kids also loved pretending each tower was their house.) As the kids walk around to the backside of the large structures a whole new shaded section of the playground comes into view with multiple ways to climb and explore the main structure.

This playground has multiple features and freestanding additions to the park. My kids especially loved doing tricks on the long zip line! There is also a unique twist to the traditional see-saw, spinners, bouncers, and a balance area. 


Stratford Crossing Park is located at 1250 NW Yorktown Dr in Waukee. It is near the intersection of NW Stratford Drive and NW Yorktown Drive.

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to basketball

Bathrooms: Seasonal flushable restrooms, water fountain

Shade: Open-air shelter, no shade trees

Playground: 5-12 year-old playground, zip line 

Trails: Paved trail loop

Water: None

Official website:

Park Amenities

  • Three open-air shelters (first come, first serve)
  • Basketball full court
  • Paved trails
  • Pour in rubber surfacing
  • Parking lot
  • Benches/Picnic tables throughout the park
  • Seasonal flushable restrooms, drinking fountain

Located Near Stratford Crossing Park

Stratford Crossing Park is located one mile directly west of Waukee Triumph Park. Making Stratford Crossing Park a great alternative to Waukee Triumph Park if it is too busy. 

Whenever we go to Waukee, we also love checking out Waukee Ice Cream Shoppe, 530 Walnut Street, located in the Waukee Triangle. My kids love all the different soft-serve flavors they offer! 

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci is an adventurer and park enthusiast. She will often be exploring Central Iowa parks and finding hidden treasures with her five kids. Most of all, Kaci enjoys sharing all of her discoveries with those around her. Give her a follow on Instagram at @kennedysdoparks.

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