Sleepy Hollow Sports Park: No Snow, No Problem!

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It’s the middle of January in Iowa and we haven’t really had any good snow storms yet, which means my kids and I have been going thru some sledding withdrawal.  To get our sledding fix we decided to stop waiting for snow and go someplace that makes their own snow. So we headed to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

This was my first trip to Sleepy Hollow with one of my kiddos, so I didn’t know really what to expect, except a place that had hills and snow. But it ended up not only meeting those expectations, but exceeding them! Let’s first talk about cost. Because if you are like me, you are on a budget and don’t have tons of money to throw around on kids activities all the time.


For my daughter (7 years old) and I to go snow tubing and Zibob sledding the total cost was $42.40 for 3 hours. So I don’t consider this price outrageous. It’s definitely not something I could afford to do every day of the week, but for a special activity it was well worth it.  Their prices vary based on age and what activities you are doing, so check all their prices before you head there.


Sleepy Hollow has you covered in the snow fun activity department. You can Snow Tube, Zibob Sled, Ski or go Snowboarding.

Fun for All Ages

My daughter is 7 and I am 38 and we both had a ton of fun. I saw a mix of all different ages at Sleepy Hollow, including what looked to be a 3 or 4 year-old snowboarding with her dad. That was pretty impressive! Now for snow tubing there is a minimum age requirement of 4 years old and helmets are required for ages 4 through 6 as well. You can bring your own helmet or borrow one from them free of charge. If you or your kiddo has a fear of heights, then the ski lift for snowboarding, skiing or the Zibob sleds might make you face your fears. But if you are just snow tubing nothing to worry about.

What to Expect

Don’t worry you don’t have to walk up hills. This was one of my concerns when planning our trip because my daughter probably would have only lasted there a half hour (if that) if she had to walk up big hills on her own. Best rest assured for snow tubing they have service lifts that pull your tube up the hill as you ride and ski lifts to get up the hills for other activities.

Overall Experience

My daughter and I had a great time on our trip to Sleepy Hollow. I was impressed by how helpful and friendly the staff around the park was and I appreciated the fact that they were concerned about safety. If you are looking to have some good winter time fun with your family, then definitely check out Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.


Bundle up! Don’t let your kiddo getting too cold or wet make you leave early. Wear 2 pairs of socks with your snow boots, snow pants and all your other winter gear. If you are going to use the Zibob sleds expect some snow spray coming into your face, so if you have a winter face mask if might be a good idea to bring it along.


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