POP Balloon Co. in Des Moines, Iowa

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POP Balloon Co. in Des Moines, Iowa

Hi, I’m Abby! I am the owner of POP Balloon Co.  I love hosting gatherings, making things cute, and being a little extra. What started out on a whim has quickly turned into my full-time gig, greatest passion, and biggest dream.  

What is POP Balloon Co.?

POP Balloon Co. is your local party guru!  I currently offer custom balloon decorations for all events but will be expanding my offerings soon!

My focus is to make sure your event stands out! Balloons are a great way to bring life to a large space and they bring the wow factor everyone is looking for.  They make a great photo spot, focal point, or can be used to tie a theme together.

How it all started

When my oldest child was about 3, I decided I wanted to figure out how to make one of those fun balloon displays that I had seen all over the internet. I watched several tutorials, bought the supplies, and after a few attempts, I’d perfected the art well enough to set up displays for my own children’s parties.

Once Covid hit, I, like so many others, was looking for a creative outlet, and thus, POP Balloon Co. was born. I posted on my local Facebook page that I was offering this service and crossed my fingers that it would take off.  I remember convincing myself it would be okay if nobody liked my balloons because it was just an idea and not actually a well-thought-out business plan.  As it turns out….people love balloons! I was overwhelmed with business, in a good way, and was making things up as I went.

I have learned a lot since that original Facebook post. I have spent countless nights blowing up balloons, perfecting my craft, and helping people celebrate many events.  I love my job and am so thankful that I took a leap of faith!

Why hire POP?

I have a creative mind, I care deeply about others, and I am a perfectionist by nature.  I do everything I can to make each customer feel valued, and make each venue look fabulous!  I am happiest when I am making others happy!

Hiring a small business is advantageous to the customer because you know exactly who you’re working with.  I am a one-woman operation, so I do everything.  When you message POP, you’re talking with me directly.  The person who purchases all of the balloons? That’s me!  The person who shows up to your installation? That’s also me!  I take great pride in what I do and work extremely hard to give each customer the best experience possible. I am truly honored when people hire me to help celebrate their biggest events.

What to expect

The first, and most important thing we will discuss is your vision.  My goal is to bring your vision to life- even better than you imagined it! This usually includes looking at photos you’ve seen online, colors you like, or sending me the invitation or other items you’re using to decorate.  From there, we will discuss your budget. It is extremely important for me to be able to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, and I do not want the price of anything to be a surprise.  After we discuss those things, I will research different backgrounds, fringe, foil balloon options, or anything else we discussed and send my ideas to you.  Once all decisions are finalized, there is no more work for you to do; I take care of the rest!  The final step is when I bring the magic. I will show up to your event with giant bags of balloons and transform the space to make your balloon dreams a reality!

What’s next for POP?

POP Balloon Co. will be launching a party supply line and DIY balloon garland kits in early September. I will have a full offering of paper plates, napkins, cups, straws, and banners. Everything you need to make any event a success! My goal is to take the work out of the party so you can enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the details. Everything will show up at your house and you just unwrap the package and set the table. Having the option to pair this with a balloon installation from me, or a DIY balloon garland kit, will give me the opportunity to grow my business both locally and around the US since these items can be shipped!

How to contact POP Balloon Co.

Instagram: @pop.balloon.co

Facebook: POP Balloon Co.

Email: popballoonco.abby@gmail.com

Phone: 515-205-7784


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  1. Wanted to know your price for decoration my daughter is turning 13 an looking for someone to setup

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