Omaha | Food + Community Come Together

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Omaha | Food + Community Come Together

Over the last couple of years Omaha, Nebraska has become almost a second home for me. Omaha has so much to offer for families from the Omaha Children’s Museum, Omaha Zoo, The Durham Museum, parks, and much more.

But, did you know that the Omaha food scene is pretty phenomenal?

Omaha not only offers delicious food but what makes the Omaha food scene even better is how they come together as a community and support local as much as possible. I had the chance to check out some amazing restaurants and one super fun garden during my last visit to Omaha and these spots, alone, are a reason to visit Omaha, Nebraska.

Dante Pizzeria Napoletana

Dante Pizzeria is not just your basic pizza stop. Dante offers wood-fired pizzas and classically inspired dishes. Chef Nick Strawhecker loves cooking with seasonal ingredients which means that their menu is always changing. He loves to work with local growers and producers in Nebraska and through the Midwest.

One of my favorite dishes of the night was the Wood-Roasted Beets & Fried Kale salad. Who knew something so fresh and healthy could be so delicious?

Their pizzas were crispy and full of flavor and you can tell that everyone who works at Dante Pizzeria is extremely proud of what they create daily.

Amateur Coffee

I came across Amateur Coffee a few years ago on a short trip to Omaha and I fell in love the moment I walked in. This small, vegan coffee parlor offers up delicious coffee and tasty vegan treats.

Oat milk lattes, vegan donuts, and their house-made-gluten-free waffles are their most popular items. You would never be able to tell that these items are vegan!

Jacob and Jasmyn Wichert are the masterminds behind this unique coffee shop. Jacob is the roastmaster and takes care of all things coffee, while Jasmyn is the gifted artist behind the artwork within the coffee shop and in the bags. They create special brews for other businesses in Omaha. Another close-knit business lifting up their Omaha food community.

Hardy Coffee

Hardy Coffee has a few locations across Omaha and they are truly “built for community”. The story of Hardy Coffee may be one of my favorites mostly because I can relate to the mother and owner, Autumn (Hardy) Pruitt.

She had a passion for baking and began her business by leasing out a small area in a preexisting storefront. After a year or so her dream became much bigger and Autumn and her husband were able to purchase the building where Hardy Coffee came to exist.

Autumn and her family are not just about the delicious baked treats, savory burritos or coffee, but they are passionate about creating an open space for the community to gather. Whether it is studying late, a play date location, or brainstorming the launch of a business Hardy Coffee welcomes everyone.

Bouillon Omaha

Bouillon Omaha is located in the Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska which holds a ton of rich history. The building that Bouillon is located used to be a food market and also the beginning of what Old Market is today.

Chef Paul Kulik creates amazing French-inspired dishes by also supporting Nebraska and Iowa farmers. Another amazing business supporting their community by creating something unique for Omaha’s food scene.

They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner. Bouillon is a must-stop for brunch in Omaha so you can indulge in these rich and airy Kaiserschmarrn which is an Australian pancake.

Whisk and Measure

There is not a shortage of sweets in Omaha. Which I learned very quickly!

Whisk and Measure is a specialty bakery that bakes cakes and other amazing treats. I absolutely love the story behind the owner, Beth. She is an accountant by day and baking was an outlet for her which became a successful business for her.

Beth noticed a lot of bakeries did not offer special paleo, gluten-free, vegan or dietary restriction treats. This became a mission of hers and now offers several delicious options within her bakery. You would never know a difference!

Le Petit Paris

You may be in Omaha, but that does not mean you cannot indulge in some french pastries. This little but super popular bakery sells out of their pastries daily! It was a super fun experience to learn all about making the perfect croissant from how many layers to how to roll it perfectly.

Definitely a must stop when visiting Omaha!

Coneflower Creamery

Coneflower Creamery located in the Blackstone District regularly has lines outside of the door waiting for their delicious scoops of ice cream. They offer amazing unique flavors that are inspired by founder and scoopologist, Brian Langbehn.

Not only does the creamery offer so much character, but Brian does too. He has a passion for supporting farms and Coneflower Creamery is a farm to cone creamery. This means that off their ingredients come from local farmers and their menu changes regularly depending on what is available. You can take a look at a list of their local partners on their website.

Noli’s Pizzeria

Noli’s Pizzeria is also located in the Blackstone District, so after you have indulged in delicious ice cream head over for some unique pizzas. Because eat dessert first, right?

Noli’s has such a fun story and is known for its amazing crust. Do you want to know the secret?

“It’s the water”

To create the classic New York slices you can indulge in New York City, Noli’s has installed a special water filtration system so they have access to that very special New York water.

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table shares much more than just-food. Their love for community, supporting local, and the art behind their creations is amazing. The two owners have such a love for what they do, they live right above their beautiful restaurant.

They offer some staples on their menu, but also change things up depending on what is in season. Everything I indulged in at Kitchen Table was so, so good. They work very closely with Big Muddy Urban Farm which is a local urban garden in Omaha. Some of the ingredients from our meals came right from them the day before. It does not get much fresher than that!

Big Muddy Urban Farm

A common theme with many Omaha restaurants is purchasing and supporting local. Where are these farms and gardens in Omaha? We had a chance to tour and explore one, Big Muddy Urban Farm.

Big Muddy Urban Farms is located in the middle of the city and they grow their produce on vacant lots in the neighborhood. This is such an awesome way to revitalize their community while growing fresh produce! It does not stop there, they deliver fresh produce and eggs to the local school and partner up with local restaurants such as Kitchen Table to provide produce.

They also partner with Gifford Park Community Garden to provide youth programming. It is so important to introduce the youth to farming and gardening so they can learn how to give back to their community as well.

Big Muddy Urban Farms is doing so many amazing things within Omaha!

Food + Community Come Together

There is something about gathering and eating at a restaurant that shows passion for their community and the food they are creating daily. It is not just a meal. It is an experience, it is healthy, wholesome food from local farmers and gardeners. Not only are these restaurants supporting local and creating spaces for the community to gather, but YOU are supporting these restaurants by choosing to gather there.

Omaha’s food scene not only reflects the delicious food options, but it reflects the love they all have for each other. Next time you are in Omaha make sure you visit one of these amazing establishments and show your support!

Interested in touring these restaurants and a ton more in Omaha? Check out Omaha Culinary Tours.

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