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Loud Noises Waking Up Your Children?


Loud Noises Waking Up Your Children?


For some parents bedtime is easy.  For the rest of us who have some struggles you may have had this experience.  You have just spent an hour rocking your child to sleep.  They finally fell asleep!  You tip toe with them in your arms and slowly place them down in their crib.  You start your tip toe out of the room and then from outside, a loud sound.  Your neighbor, who may or may not be having a midlife crisis, has just started up their motorcycle.  You freeze in place, say a prayer and watch your child.  Then again the loud noise can be heard as the motorcycles takes off down the street.  Your child begins to stir and sure enough they are wide awake again.  An hour of your life is now down the drain and you have to restart the process again.  All thanks to that loud noise coming from outside.

Whether it’s a motorcycle, a loud car or just the neighbor mowing the lawn, we encounter noises that are beyond our control.  So how do remedy this problem and keep our children asleep?  Well, what has worked for me is running an air purifier machine in my kid’s bedroom.  In fact it does three good things for the room:

  1. Cleans and purifies the air
  2. Circulates the air
  3. Produces a ambient white noise that helps cover up outside noises

Not only does it help with the outside noise, but it also blocks out the TV or music from other rooms in the house that might wake up your little one.  So if you can relate the this, I highly recommend you purchase an air purifier machine today!

The air purifier machine I use and recommend can be found here.

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