Little Miss Sassafrass | The Ultimate Mom Hack

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Little Miss Sassafrass | The Ultimate Mom Hack

Let me first begin by saying, “you’re welcome.”

Have you ever stumbled upon something or someone so beneficial to you that you feel like they were planted in that spot for the sole purpose of making your life easier? (Yes, we’re talking about you creators of baby wipes, grocery store delivery, I-Pads … & wine!) Well, folks, I am about to introduce you to that “someone” in my world. My ultimate #MomHack, if you will. The one who helps me look like I may actually have my stuff together on occasion; while in fact, I couldn’t pull off an iota of what this talented momma does or is capable of doing.

My ultimate #MomHack, if you will.

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Flashback to Halloween 2o16 and my then 3 and 5-year-old daughters were requesting to be Tinker Bell & Periwinkle Fairies from the movie, “Secret of the Wings”. Adorable, right? There was just one problem, where in the world was I going to find those particular outfits? So, (after several failed Google searches), I post to a community swap site, “ISO: someone who is willing/able to make two children’s fairy costumes for Halloween.” And this is when I first became introduced to Kari Delmonico, or “Little Miss Sassafrass” as all of her adorable clothing labels read.

mom hack, parenting, Little Miss Sassafrass

Listen, apart of me wants to keep Kari and her seamstress magic all to myself; but honestly, she is simply too sweet, fantastic, accommodating, and talented not to share. Since 2o16, I cannot list all of the projects that Kari has undertaken for me. Some dignified orders: curtains for our home, a Christmas tree skirt, outdoor patio furniture coverings, holiday dresses and much, much more. Other less dignified orders, “Super Mom” onesies (yes, those were actually worn in public!) & a Kentucky Derby “butterfly fascinator”; both of which were cash prize winners!

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Kari has established quite the portfolio of beautiful creations, but she says she initially started sewing for her own daughters because she found the “lack of unique & fun clothes to be either out of price range or non-existent”.

After that, people began stopping her and asking where she had gotten the outfits she had made frequently enough that she figured she could earn “some extra cash” by making clothes for other people, too. Plus, with her husband in the military, this was a “business” that could follow her anywhere.

Kari’s plan is to return to her roots and focus on clothing again, but she says she will forever take custom requests for Halloween, as it’s her favorite holiday and she loves helping “people’s ideas come to life”.

You can follow Kari’s Facebook business page, Little Miss Sassafrass and inquire into any projects by simply messaging her with your vision. Her kindness is as beautiful as her work. She can count on this momma filling her order board for a very long time to come.  

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