Lions Park – A Treasure in Urbandale, Iowa

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Lions Park – A Treasure in Urbandale, Iowa

Lions Park in Urbandale is a classic but a treasure of a park. It has always been a favorite play date and shady park for my family. The brand-new splash pad sets this park even farther apart. 

This park offers so much so close to each other which makes it great for playdates for kids of different ages. The main playground is an older traditional set with rubber tiles below it. Next to this playground, there is a playground great for older kids with nets to climb on and a more challenging slide. There is also an older 2-5-year-old playground where little ones love to climb up and slide down over and over. 

My kids love all of the little unattached equipment elements in this park. They love all of the different options to spin. The swings are a hit at this park too. My kids love how many there are. The big kids also love swinging with the little kids using the expression swing (swing with standard and infant swing attached.) 

Splash Pad

The new splash pad is a very large spread-out splash pad with so many unique elements. Multiple of the sprayers have nozzles, switches, and other moveable parts that allow kids to explore how movement affects the flow of water. The splash pad is open daily in the summer from 10 am to 8 pm, free of charge. (Dates and times are subject to change due to weather.) 


Lions Park is located at 72nd St and Aurora Ave in Urbandale, Iowa. 

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to play in water

Bathrooms: Seasonal flushable restrooms, water fountains

Shade: Large shaded trees throughout the park

Playground: 2-5 year old and two 5-12 year old playground

Trails: none

Water: Splash pad

Official website:

Park Amenities

  • Open-air picnic shelter (available for rent)
  • Large Gazebo (available for rent)
  • Enclosed facility available for rent
  • Large trees
  • Tennis courts
  • Picnic tables throughout the park
  • Swings (infant bucket, traditional, expression swing)
  • Pull in off-street parking
  • Rubber tiles under 5-12-year-old playground
  • Wood chips under two side playgrounds
  • Free Little Library (we love bringing books to add!)

Located Near Lions Park

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to grab breakfast at Chick-fil-A or Dunkin Donuts nearby and eat it at Lions Park. Then do an early morning playdate with friends. 

While at Lions Park, my kids love walking across the street to Olmstead Elementary during non-school hours to play at their playgrounds. Their younger playground is fully fenced in. Behind the school is the larger playground that my kids love playing at.

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci is an adventurer and park enthusiast. She will often be exploring Central Iowa parks and finding hidden treasures with her five kids. Most of all, Kaci enjoys sharing all of her discoveries with those around her. Give her a follow on Instagram at @kennedysdoparks.

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