Hawki Can Help Relieve Anxiety for Working Families

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Hawki Can Help Relieve Anxiety for Working Families

As parents, we all understand the costs of raising kids. Still, mounting bills can cause a lot of alarm and anxiety – even for families with stable incomes. This month, Des Moines Parent is inviting you to learn more about Hawki, affordable insurance coverage through the state of Iowa! Many working families don’t know that they are eligible, making this resource highly underutilized. 

This interview was conducted with Lindsey Walker, manager over the Hawki Outreach program through EveryStep. Lindsey’s team at EveryStep helps families find out if they are eligible for Hawki and other resources. They can walk families through the entire process and connect them with doctors and dentists, too!

First, what is Hawki?

Lindsey: Hawki stands for Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa. It is Iowa’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), offering health coverage for uninsured and underinsured children of working families.

Who is Hawki for?

Lindsey: Hawki is for working families in Iowa who do not have access to affordable health insurance. It covers children aged 1 through 18 years who are U.S. citizens or have qualifying immigration status. Also, families must meet the income guideline requirements. Even if your children are healthy, accidents and illnesses happen. Without insurance, one injury or illness could result in large medical bills. Hawki can help alleviate that concern!

How does EveryStep administer Hawki?

Lindsey: EveryStep provides Hawki Outreach as part of the Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (Title V) grant. Our main objective is to promote the Hawki program and encourage families to act! You may see us and our materials on social media and at medical and dental offices, local family events, and other places throughout the community. We are also able to link families directly to coverage by assisting them with the application process.

What is something that might surprise people about Hawki?

Lindsey: Hawki income guidelines are higher than most people realize, so many families don’t know that they are eligible. For example, in 2021, a family of four making up to $80,030 might qualify! The monthly premium costs are based on income, but no family pays more than $40, regardless of how many children they have. There is also an option for dental-only coverage!

What needs can Hawki meet for those who are eligible?

Lindsey: Children who qualify for Hawki will receive a wealth of core benefits through their Managed Care Organization (MCO), including doctor visits, well-child visits, specialist visits, prescription medications, immunizations, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, emergency care, vision, and hearing exams, chiropractic visits, mental health resources, and much more. MCOs also provide additional benefits, known as value-added services. Dental services are covered by Delta Dental.

How does the Hawki program fit in with the mission of EveryStep?

Lindsey: In Hawki Outreach, we empower families and individuals to take control of their healthcare and support them in accessing affordable healthcare. Helping to improve the outcomes of these families helps to strengthen our community as a whole.

What makes you proud about working with the Hawki program?

Lindsey: I am proud to help connect families to affordable medical and dental care. I deeply care about the health and wellbeing of the children in our community, which makes working with our Hawki Outreach program an absolute joy.

Don’t miss out on a chance to save money! EveryStep staff members are available at any time to help you find out if your kids are eligible for Hawki coverage. Just call (515) 558-6243 or fill out a simple form at www.everystep.org/hawki.


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