Backyard Watering Hole – DIY Stock Tank Pool

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Backyard Watering Hole – DIY Stock Tank Pool

If you have been following Des Moines Parent on Instagram you may know that we invested in a stock tank pool last summer. In the midst of the pandemic, stock tank pools became a huge hit as a place to cool off during the hot summer since the majority of pools were closed. We jumped on this bandwagon quickly, headed to our local Bomgaar’s, and purchased one of the very last large stock tank pools.

The kids loved it. We did not do much with it, except fill it up, put a chlorine floater in it, and that was it. Since we did not attach a filter we did drain it a couple of times to clean it out.

Pool Deck

This spring I knew I wanted to take the time to create an actual pool by attaching a filter, but I did not want to stop there! I had been planning my dream patio/backyard oasis for some time and knew this year was the year. We first poured a new patio and once that was finished we had a wrap-around deck custom-made for our stock tank pool.

My inspiration came from here. My dear friend and owner of Helps Homestead made my dream a reality and created the most beautiful deck. She has created many custom items for our home and she did not disappoint with this design!

DIY Stock Tank Pool

Now that the patio was poured and the deck was ready, it was time to make the stock tank pool … a pool! It was very simple to do and there are a ton of DIY blog posts to do this online. I finally settled on this step-by-step tutorial. We were able to do the entire process within a few hours. Super easy!

Steps to Create a Watering Hole Oasis

  1. Purchase your stock tank pool at your local feed store such as Bomgaar’s. The bigger the better.
  2. Decide whether you would like a pool deck. I highly recommend contacting Helps Homestead to help design and custom build something that will work for you.
  3. Follow this tutorial to attach a pool filter. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions and a list of items needed.
  4. Make sure you purchase a chlorine floater and tabs. We keep this floating around when we are not in the pool. It helps keep the water clear.
  5. Purchase a pool skimmer net to help clean out any random bugs that may land in the water.
  6. Add lights, hooks, and any other fun decor to your space!


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