Babies and Chiropractic Care from Utopia Family Chiropractic

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Babies and Chiropractic Care from Utopia Family Chiropractic

Congratulations! You just welcomed your most precious thing into this world. What a wild and crazy ride childbirth is! Time to make a stop at your chiropractor. What? You read that right! 

We are constantly having new babies come into the office to be checked. Now we know what you are thinking – babies don’t have back pain. Why on earth do they need to go to the chiropractor?

GREAT QUESTION! Babies need chiropractic because they have stressors just like adults do.  Yes, they have very different stressors, but we’re adults and babies are similar in that no matter the type of stress we have it affects the nervous system.  

Why is it important that we talk about the nervous system? It is the major system control of our entire body. This is true for adults and babies. If there is not clear communication between the brain and the body because of stress on the nervous system, we start to see symptoms. 

These are the most common reasons we see babies in our office:

  1. Colic/general discomfort
  2. Constipation
  3. Acid reflux
  4. Recurrent illnesses (ear infections)
  5. Wellness


What we see with littles is that there are stressors in their life that cause interferences in the function of their nervous system. One of the most common causes of stress is the birth process. Think about it, maybe you have had a baby or know someone who has. It is a marathon, not a sprint (usually), and it is hard on mom. Now think about that process from the babies’ perspective, and WOW, that changes things. While birth is not the only stressor that babies have, it sure is a big one! 

We know that stressors cause interference in our nervous system function and then we see these common symptoms.  We know that no matter what symptom leads parents to give us call that the cause is nervous system interference.  When we evaluate your little one, our number one goal is to understand the history of your baby. This includes in utero history, labor, delivery, and life since delivery. It is important for us to understand all the stressors that could be making an impact on their nervous system.

From there, we take a deep look at the nervous system to find the cause of these symptoms and make gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine to help the body heal.  The beauty of chiropractic is how it allows the body to heal itself. We are not here to treat anything; we simply help restore healing and function.  


One last thing we want to touch on is wellness care because a large portion of the babies and littles in our office come in for just that!  Chiropractic care is a great preventative wellness tool. Many parents bring their kiddos into our office to keep them well adjusted in order to stay on top of how their body adapts to life’s stressors….the goal here is that hopefully symptoms like colic, constipation, and/or recurring illnesses won’t pop up. As chiropractors, it is our job to help the body adapt to stress, and the patients’ (or parents’) job to keep additional stressors low whenever possible!

We truly love seeing all patients of all ages! It is so special to be a part of the health team for little ones to ensure that their bodies are functioning at their best and healing the way they were intended when they were created. 

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