10 Things To Do at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Kansas

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10 Things To Do at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Kansas

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead located in Overland Park, Kansas has been on my bucket list of places to visit for a while. Whenever we have traveled to Kansas City I have always wanted to make a stop, but we have never seemed to make it there. Just recently we finally had the chance and this children’s farmstead did not disappoint!

I would describe Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead as a mixture of Living History Farms and your classic local, farm with all the fun activities such as Center Grove Orchard if you are local to Des Moines, Iowa. This children’s farmstead offers the perfect mixture of farm animal fun, history, and a ton of activities. Jump on the Kansas Farm Trail with me and check out 10 favorite things to do at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.

1. Feed Baby Goats

We LOVE goats. Specifically baby goats. Whenever we have a chance to pet or feed goats we jump on it. There are lots and lots of goats at the children’s farmstead including dairy goats. You can pay to bottle feed the baby goats when you visit. Baby goat bottles are $1 each.

2. Practice Milking Cows

The Dairy Barn was such a fun spot to stop in. We loved the two newest calves, Thor and Loki. Amelia loved talking to them and trying to give them some love. In addition, they have pretend milk cowing stations filled with water so you can practice milking a cow too! During the day they offer live cow milking twice daily in the Dairy Barn. 

3. Go Fishing with an Old Fashioned Cane Pole

Do you love to fish? Try fishing with an old-fashioned cane pole. They have a very large, stock pond full of tons of fish! We did not have any luck catching anything, but we saw others catch something! There is a $3 fee to fish, which includes a cane pole and four worms. No outside poles or bait are allowed.

4. Take in Some History

This portion of Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead reminds me of Living History Farms. You can walk through Ben’s Bank and see antique typewriters, an old vault, and more. You can also stop at John’s Blacksmith Shop and watch as a Blacksmith demonstrates how metal and heat make farming essentials like hardware, bridles, and horseshoes. We found this really interesting! They also have a one-room schoolhouse you can walk through.

5. Go ‘Mining’

If your children like to collect rocks, go mining! Purchase a bag of rocks and sand and take it to sift through in the water. Your children will walk away with some cool rocks to add to their collections.

6. Ride a Pedal Tractor

Put those leg muscles to work and ride around on a pedal tractor. It is a lot harder than it looks!

7. Play on the Several Playgrounds

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead offers several really fun playgrounds. The kids could have spent hours playing on all of them if we did not encourage them to move on to the next thing. One thing I love about several of the playgrounds is that it is shady in the area. If it is a hot summer day, it is a great place to cool off a bit while the kids still play.

8. Take a Wagon Ride

No trip is complete to a farm without a wagon ride. This was a fun way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the farmstead. The kids also enjoyed giving the horses some love after our ride.

9. See How Many Things You Can Find on the Nature Trail

Enter the Enchanted Forest and see how many fun things you can find. We discovered a few toads and butterflies. The trail is very shady covered by lots of trees. This was a fun adventure!

10. Visit All the Amazing Animals

This farmstead offers much more than just your classic farm animals. It could almost be considered a zoo! Some animals you may see during your visit are chickens, turkeys, peafowl, prairie dogs, sheep, rabbits, bison, and more.


Website: https://www.opkansas.org/recreation-fun/deanna-rose-childrens-farmstead/

Address: 13800 Switzer, Overland Park, KS 66221

Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily; April 1 through October 31

Admission: Admission is $3 per person, ages three and older, and free for children aged two and under. They do offer free weekends. Take a look at their website for details.

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