Tips for Booking Camping Trips

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Tips for Booking Camping Trips

Early February may be hard to think about summer and begin planning summer adventures, but if you are planning some camping adventures, think differently! That is definitely not stopping me from dreaming of Summer and booking our upcoming camping trips with Poppy the Camper. It is crazy to begin thinking of planning for camping trips or any summer trips right now, but did you know that most parents are already registering for Summer Camps?! Even though it sounds a little too soon, it is not.

One thing I learned in the Summer of 2020 after our camper purchase was campsites fill quickly. Many filled quickly due to the pandemic. Many families were planning fun excursions outdoors where they could continue to social distance. This year I am planning! Many state and private campgrounds slowly begin opening dates to book and if it is a holiday weekend (or weekend in general) these will fill fast.

Check out some of our favorite spots to camp.

Here are some tips when booking your camping trips this year.

Make a plan

Everything starts with a plan, right? Sit down as a family and brainstorm where you want to travel and camp this summer. Jot down all your ideas and begin narrowing down which ones you want to focus on this year. Look at your schedules and make sure it is feasible with everything else you may have on the calendar.


Now that you know where you want to go, do your research! Start searching for campgrounds in the area. Each campground always offers something different and depending on your family and what you need, not every campground will work for you. Some may cater to families and offer events and activities throughout the day. If you have a popup (like us!) bathrooms and showers are important. Depending on how far off the grid you want to go, some campgrounds may not offer electricity or water.

In addition, make sure you read reviews. Reviews on Google and Facebook are great ways to get a better idea of what to expect. KOA is a popular option with campgrounds all over the United States.

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Look at the policies

Each campground offers different policies and when booking this ahead of the game, make sure you know what they are. We all know people get sick and life happens. Make sure you understand what happens and/or how many days you have until you cancel. Also, read the rules of the campground. This may include firewood rules, quiet hours, fishing, swimming, etc. All of these may make a huge difference in whether you want to camp at that campground or not.


When booking your reservation campgrounds may offer “extras”. If it is a private campground some may offer wood at your site when you arrive. Another common extra is to “lock in” your spot. Sometimes when you book early the campground may move you to a similar spot, but at a different location. If you want that specific spot you can pay an upcharge to lock it in.

Make the reservation

Okay! You know where you are going, you have done the research, and it is now time to book that reservation. When booking your reservation sometimes there is an option to put a small percentage down and pay the rest later or pay all at once. Figure out which option works best for you. If you are paying a portion later, make sure you mark your calendar. Save all reservation emails for the future too.

Yay, you did it! You are ready for some amazing camping fun when the temperatures warm up. Now, you can head to Pinterest or Google and begin planning all the fun attractions and activities you are going to see and do while you stay.


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