Sheridan Park and Sprayground in Des Moines

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Sheridan Park and Sprayground in Des Moines

Sheridan Park is one of Des Moines’ neighborhood parks with a brand new playground and an existing sprayground. This park is a treasure for the east side of Des Moines. My kids loved this small but condensed playground structure. The slide is wider than a typical slide and my kids could not get enough when playing on it. My kids also enjoyed all the unique ways to climb around the main playground structure and enjoyed racing and timing each other finding different ways to complete the loop. 

The playground equipment also has several separate smaller spinners, bouncers, small play, and rocks. There are also toddler buckets and regular swings.


Sheridan Park is located at 4000 Hull Ave in Des Moines.


Open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., May 1st to September 31st, free of charge. 

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to play basketball and tennis, places to play in water

Bathrooms: Yes, flushable seasonal restroom, drinking fountain

Shade: large trees nearby but not shaded at the playground

Playground: 5-12 year old playground, swings

Trails: One large paved loop

Water: Sprayground

Official website:

Park Amenities

  • Open-air shelter, available for rent
  • Basketball court – half 
  • Large open field, available for rent
  • Street Parking
  • Wood chip surfacing 
  • Tennis Court
  • Pickleball court
  • Benches and picnic tables

Located Near Sheridan Park

  • Grab some of Des Moines’ classic homemade flour tacos from Tasty Tacos at 2900 E Euclid Ave
  • Grab a coffee or brunch at Cafe Con Leche at 2905 Hubbell Ave.
  • In the summer, Granny’s Sweet Freeze, 3417 Hubbell Ave, is an absolute delight!
Kaci Kennedy

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci is an adventurer and park enthusiast. She will often be exploring Central Iowa parks and finding hidden treasures with her five kids. Most of all, Kaci enjoys sharing all of her discoveries with those around her. Give her a follow on Instagram at @kennedysdoparks.

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