The Advantages of a Half-Day Kindergarten Program

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Are you struggling with the idea of sending your child to kindergarten for eight hours a day, especially during a pandemic? There is another option! 

Shepherd’s Flock Early Learning Center has a half-day kindergarten program that focuses on what is appropriate for students at this age level and is intentional about letting students learn through play.  At 3 hours and 15 minutes a day, there is time to create, play, build, dress-up, and meet all the expected learning goals of kindergarten. Children this age are active learners with short attention spans and being in a structured learning environment all day can be difficult for some. A half-day schedule is also a blessing for those parents who simply want more time with their child before sending them off to begin many years of full-day school.  

How can half day be enough? It always has been! 

It is important to note that when the schools in our community switched from half-day to full-day kindergarten classes, the curriculum did not change. Many activities like extra recesses,  rest time, and lunch were inserted to lengthen the school day, but the academic content did not increase. Students in our half-day classes often exceed the standards and benchmarks expected of kindergarteners before year-end. 

People always talk about the advantages of having a small class size, but do small classes really exist? Yes! How does having just 12 kids in class sound? 

Having a small class is always a plus,  but it is especially beneficial during times of COVID-19. A small class also puts your child at an advantage over those in a class of  25+ students, because great progress can be made academically when the teacher has time to work one-on-one with each of her students! A teacher who can customize the curriculum to meet the individual needs of her students can benefit children at all academic levels. The kind of special attention students in a small class receive can challenge all kids to their highest learning potential. 

When a small class is partnered with a Christian setting, a special community is created where the children are taught to encourage and uplift each other. This nurturing environment allows for a  school day that is not burdened with disciplining. Instead,  considerate and responsible citizens form close friendships with one another, and amazing things take place.  

This is what half-day kindergarten at Shepherd’s Flock Early Learning  Center is all about!  

This faith-based kindergarten offers a program of academic excellence, and it prepares children to make a smooth transition to all-day school. With a maximum of 12 children,  the curriculum is adapted to suit each individual child’s learning style and ability. Our expectations for the year meet and often exceed the standards and benchmarks in any full-day classroom. This half-day kindergarten is excellent preparation for first grade, but it is also a good option for those who desire a smooth transition to all-day kindergarten for their younger 5-year-olds with birthdays close to the September 15 cut-off date. 

Shepherd’s Flock ELC is now accepting registrations, so please contact Diane  Hensley at 515-225-1952 ext.114 or to find out how to sign your child up for this very special Half Day Kindergarten program.


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