Get Lost at Lost Lake Park in Polk City, Iowa

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Get Lost at Lost Lake Park in Polk City, Iowa

Whether you are looking for a different park to play at or a stop on your way to Big Creek State Park, you will want to play at this cute neighborhood park in Polk City, Iowa. We have gathered all the details for what you can expect when you play at Lost Lake Park in Polk City.


Lost Lake Park is located at 504 N. Broadway Street in Polk City. You may see this park off the road as you drive to Big Creek State Park. It may be hard to find the pathway to the park. The easiest place to park and enter is by turning on Falcon Street, then turn right on Lost Lake Drive. You will see a paved path between houses that lead to the park.

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to take a walk

Bathrooms: Yes, porta potty

Shade: No

Playground: Yes

Trails: Yes, paved trail around the playground area

Water: Drinking fountain

Official Website:

Park Amenities

  • Rubber footing
  • Swings
  • Gaga put
  • Benches
  • Open green space

Things to do near Lost Lake Park

Lost Lake Park is located in Polk City which is a cute Iowa town that offers several fun opportunities.


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