Greater Des Moines Donuts

Greater Des Moines Donuts

Greater Des Moines Donut Hot Spots for Donut Lovers

Where are my donut fans!? Our family definitely loves a good, over-the-top donut. I can tell you I do not remember donuts being so extreme when I was little, but I am here for the donut craze. We have gathered all of the Greater Des Moines donut hot spots you need to check out. How many Des Moines, Iowa donut places have you crossed off? Bookmark this page and see if you can cross them all off.

Ambrosia Donuts

106 SW State St, Ankeny

Make sure you set your alarms and visit Ambrosia Donuts early while they are still warm. They offer all your favorites and pride themselves in having the softest glazed donut you can eat it with just your tongue.

Bricktown Bakery

1105 Sixth Street, Nevada

Okay, this one is a bit out of the Greater Des Moines area but I have heard so many great things about Bricktown Bakery! Not only do they offer delicious donuts, but other great baked goods as well. Jump in the car and give it a try.

ChuChu Donuts

 580 SW 9th St, Des Moines

ChuChu Donuts are made fresh daily and you can customize your donut with different kinds of cream or jelly. Also, if you or a family member have a peanut allergy they are peanut free. They do not use any peanut products in any of their ingredients or toppings.

Daylight Donuts

502 N Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny

Travel to the Northern part of Greater Des Moines to Ankeny and visit Daylight Donuts. Daylight Donuts has been around since 1954 and have several locations. What makes their donuts unique? The unique donut mix they created!

Donut Hut

4941 Douglas Ave, Des Moines

All your favorite and classic donuts under one hut. A small, local donut shop that will not disappoint!

Donut King

Bauders on Ingersoll Avenue

Donut King is a Des Moines area classic. Many years ago they had their own location but shut down. Now, you can grab their donuts in various locations including sometimes at Bauders on Ingersoll Avenue. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Hurts Donut

5513 Mills Civic Parkway Suite 105, West Des Moines

We have all seen these crazy, sugar loaded donuts before. Hurts Donut offers many locations throughout the Midwest including right here in the Des Moines area. Open 25 hours a day/ 8 days a week. Grab a dozen for your next party!

Mahalo Donuts

4800 Mills Civic Pkwy #105, West Des Moines

Mahalo Donuts offers delicious coffee and mini donuts that are to die for. There are so many flavors to choose from and you can easily pop 20 of them without even realizing it.

Hiland Bakery

3615 6th Ave, Des Moines

Oh boy! Hiland Bakery is definitely a favorite. Not only do they offer incredible donuts, but they also offer delicious pastries that are to die for. Hiland Bakery is a must-visit.

Where is your favorite spot to grab a fresh, warm donut in the Des Moines area?

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