B&B Theatres in Ankeny: Screen Play!

B&B Theatres in Ankeny: Screen Play!

B&B Theatres in Ankeny: Screen Play!

It is here! A new attraction in Ankeny, Iowa is open. B&B Theatres Ankeny 12 is filled with fun things to see and do. One of the most popular things many parents have been looking forward to is the Screen Play! Our family decided to give it a try to see how smooth the concept of Screen Play would actually go.

B&B Theatres, Ankeny, Screen Play!

Screen Play is a pretty genius concept. Inside one of the theatres is a tall and large play area for kids. Inside the netted area are a slide and plenty of places for your kids to climb. There is also an option located on the ground at the front of the theater for smaller children.

B&B Theatres, Ankeny, Iowa, Des Moines

The theater opens up 30 minutes before your show time and your children are invited to run, play, and dance until the move begins. There are a couple of employees on hand to help answer questions and make sure everyone is following directions.

On the big screen, they show trivia, singing, dancing, and a small countdown clock so children are aware of how much more time they have to play before they return to their seats. About 90 seconds before the timer goes off a song begins to play to let children know they need to return to their seats. The employees lock up the play area, the lights get turned on and the movie begins!

B&B Theatres, Ankeny, Iowa, Des Moines

I was a little concerned our daughter would complain and keep asking throughout the movie to play, but there was none of that! The kids were out of breath, pretty wore out and ready for the movie to begin. Thankfully we had ultra comfortable leather recliners with heating options to lay back and relax in.

Other Notes: 
  1. Make sure your children are wearing socks.
  2. There are family restrooms located right outside of the theatre.
  3. The Screen Play theatre costs more ($3 upcharge) than other theatres. This is definitely a special experience!
  4. The aisles and seats are spaced nicely. Very roomy!

Not only does B&B Theatres offer Screen Play, but they also offer an MX4D theater and Grand Screens. There are several options on how you want to experience your favorite movie!

The Ankeny B&B Theatre is the first B&B Theatre to offer B-Roll Bowling. There are several bowling lanes available and above all the lanes are large televisions.

B&B Theatres, Ankeny, Iowa, Des Moines

The kids love Outtakes Arcade. The arcade is filled with interactive arcade games. You can purchase tokens that are put on a card and you can swipe on each game when you want to play. As you play, the card keeps track of any tickets you may win. After you are done playing, you can turn in your card for prizes.

B&B Theatres, Ankeny, Iowa, Des Moines

B&B Theatres also offers a full-service restaurant and bar. Not only is it the perfect place for a family night out, but date night too. Not looking to eat a sit-down meal? They also offer popcorn, candy, hot dogs and other quick bites to take into the theater to watch the movie.

Address: 1580 SW Market Street Ankeny, IA 50023

Phone Number: 515-964-5500

Website: https://bbtheatres.com/location/Ankeny-12 

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