Barrett Boesen Natural Playscape in Urbandale, Iowa

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Barrett Boesen Natural Playscape in Urbandale, Iowa

Barrett Boesen Natural Playscape located in Urbandale, Iowa provides hours of natural play. This park is filled with logs to climb on, a large mud kitchen, water play, walking paths, and much more. Make sure you dress to get messy! Take a look at other natural playscapes in the Des Moines metro to play and explore.


Located on the corner of 156th Street & Waterford Road in Urbandale, Iowa

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to Play, Places to get wet

Bathrooms: Modern bathroom

Shade: Very little. There is a shade under the shelter.

Playground: Natural playscape

Hours: Not listed

Trails: There is a walking path around the play area. Phase 1 will be completed in Spring 2022. Long-term goals include a bridge over the creek.

Water: No water fountains. Water is available to play with.

Official Website:

Other things nearby of note: 

  • Waterford Park is located right across the street and offers disc golf.
  • The bike path runs around the area.

Barrett Boesen Natural Playscape Details

Barrett Boesen Natural Playscape for any child who loves to get dirty and make mud pies. This park reminds me a little of the Jester Park Natural Playscape but with a ton more options!

There is not much shade in the area. This may change as they continue each phase of the project. Currently, there is a shelter with a charcoal grill. There are a ton of picnic benches around the area.

The kids loved this fun water feature where you can pump water down the rock creek!

There are tons and tons of climbing opportunities in the area. If you have kids who are climbing the walls this is the place to visit.

Off to the side is a fun mud kitchen area. If your kiddos love to “cook” this will be a fun place. In addition, there is also a sand pit area. Bring your fun sand toys with you.


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