Using Words of Affirmation to Show Your Child Love

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Using Words of Affirmation to Show Your Child Love

There are multiple ways you can show your child love, but if there is one primary way of showing it, it is positive affirmations, according to the book The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbel. Parents’ words are more powerful than you think, and that can’t be overstated! What becomes the inner voice in a child’s mind comes from the parents. You will notice your words are being internalized and shaping who your child becomes.

What are words of affirmation?

Words of affirmation mean supporting someone emotionally or encouraging through communication toward one another. It’s important to point out that words of affirmation also apply to children who cannot understand what you are saying. Before children understand the meaning of words, they know the tone of voice and can read body language.

Young children’s brains absorb information much faster and more efficiently than adults’ brains, making it easier for children to learn. A child’s brain is around 90 percent developed by age five. Using words of affirmation early on and teaching your child the language of self-love, which promotes conīŦdence, will help empower them to reach their full potential.

There are several ways to use words of affirmation. Here are creative and simple ways to show your child love with words of affirmation, which also include non-verbal affirmations:

  • Create love notes and add them around the house, in their backpack, etc.
  • Often say, “I Love You.”
  • Give your child praise for any achievement.
  • Write words of encouragement in a journal you and your child share, then read it to them or have them read it.
  • Always use words of encouragement and praise.

Using words of affirmation can have the most significant positive impact on your relationship with your child and their mental development. Using affirmation words for children creates a habit of positive thinking and self-love. Children are never too young to learn how to be mentally healthy and promote their self-worth. 

How are you using words of affirmation with your child?

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