Wellmark Family Series: Sensory-Friendly Performances

The Des Moines Performing Arts will be offering TWO sensory-friendly family performances.

Many of you may be aware of the Wellmark Family Series  that is performed at the Des Moines Civic Center downtown. These shows are a great way to introduce theater to your little ones and also allows them to be involved in different activities before the show.

The Des Moines Performing Arts is now offering sensory-friendly performances that are geared towards those of the autism spectrum and individuals with other sensory sensitivities and their families. The performances will contain much of the similar aspects of the original Wellmark Family Series, with a few changes to help those in attendance feel more comfortable. Some of these changes include:

  • Alterations to light and sound
  • Variety of seating options
  • An environment that encourages movement and many breaks when needed!
  • ASL interpretation
  • Inclusive staff

Note: Families who do not require these specific accommodations are still welcome to attend the shows!

There are two performances scheduled:

The Man Who Planted Trees

March 26th

11 a.m. Sensory-friendly performance

1 p.m. Public performance

Grug and the Rainbow 

April 15th

11 a.m. Sensory-friendly performance

1 p.m. Public performance

Recommended for younger audiences

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