Road Trip Ready with LOF-Xpress™

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Road Trip Ready with LOF-Xpress™

Summer is the season for family road trips! While your road trips may look a bit different this summer, you still want to make sure the most important piece of your traveling adventures is ready to go … your car. Just as it is important that you make sure you pack all tent, sleeping bags, s’ mores supplies, swimsuits, it is equally and even more important that your car is in it’s the best shape to get you to where you are going. LOF-Xpress™ is here to help!

I will admit, I am the one who will push the limit on getting an oil change because it is always such a huge hassle. I seriously cannot be left without a car due to children’s activities, meetings, and so on. Dropping my car off somewhere is not ideal and when I do have to there is way too much coordinating that goes into it. When I heard about LOF-Xpress™ it seriously was a dream come true. At LOF-Xpress™ you do not need to make an appointment and you do not have to leave your car!

LOF-Xpress™ is known for its quality services, they are super affordable, and efficient. We experienced our first visit last week and we are hooked.

When you arrive at LOF-Xpress™ you drive up to a kiosk where someone greets you. This is where you let them know what you need and they will let you know their suggestions. I loved how they offered options based on the car we had but were not overly pushy about adding on a bunch of options.

After you determine what services you will be receiving they will tell you which door to drive up and wait at. We waited about 5 minutes before entering, which was not bad at all for us showing up without an appointment!

Once we entered the garage the technicians got to work and the kids were so intrigued about this part. LOF-Xpress™ uses cutting edge technology such as VIN scanners, CarFax integration, and more to help determine what is best needed for your car. When we pulled in we parked and let them take over. The kids enjoyed watching what the technicians were doing below the car and under the hood, via a screen you could see from the car.

Normally, while you wait, they offer coffee/tea and they offer suckers for the children and dog treats for the dogs. Due to COVID-19, this is on hold right now. The kids did come away with a “Caught Ya” card that is good for a free cookie or donut at Casey’s. These cards are given to the kids to encourage stay buckled in their seats during servicing.

In addition to providing oil change services, LOF-Xpress™ does offer other services as well which may require you to wait outside your car. In these instances, you would wait in the Northwoods Lounge which offers free Wi-Fi, big-screen TVs, a kids area, and beverages.


Our service for our car was about $40 which is pretty standard. Pricing for each service is really based on which type of oil you choose and other options based on your car. You can take a look at LOF-Xpress™ services page to learn more about services and pricing.

Our friends at LOF-Xpress™ have created a special deal for YOU! Receive a free $20 or $10 gift card when purchasing by clicking the button below.


875 SE Oralabor Road, Ankeny; 515-964-5206

520 South Duff, Ames; 515-232-5639


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