Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota: Outdoor Fun, Indoors

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Great Wolf Lodge: Outdoor Fun, Indoors

Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota is the perfect destination in the Winter and Summer! Summer can be all sorts of fun outdoors, but when it becomes the dog days of summer, it can be brutal. Families are sick of the humidity, being burnt, and dehydrated and are ready to get out of the heat.

Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota

Here are my top 10 reasons why Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota is the perfect spot for outdoor fun, indoors!

  • River Canyon Run: Waterslide and you are able to choose your own personal experience on the way down. Count me in! This is the resort’s biggest and most popular slide. One ride down it and you will agree!
  • Crooked Creek: Love floating around the river, but sometimes the sun is just too hot and beating down on you. No worries! At Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota, you can float around Crooked Creek without worrying about the strong rays.
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • No Sun, No Sunscreen: You are indoors! No worrying about applying all the SPF and being a sweaty mess all the time. Hydration is always important, but not super crucial when you are not outdoors.
  • Fort Mackenzie: Hours of fun for your little ones. Sit back and relax on a nearby chair and watch your children burn off energy climbing, splashing, and riding down the mini slides.
  • Bedtime Stories: After a day full of indoor splashing, get your pajamas on and meet your friends for a special bedtime story. Without going outside, to drive home, may I remind you? There may be even a special appearance from my favorite wolf, Wiley!
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • Rise and Shine with Yoga: After you have had your beauty sleep, head back downstairs for a special indoor yoga to kick off your day. Your muscles may be exhausted from all the playing the day before!
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • Arcade Games: Tired of swimming? No need to pack all your things up, get in your car to find more fun things to do. Right outside of the waterpark is Great Wolf Lodge’s Northern Lights Arcade filled with games for all ages.
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • Rock Climbing: Another great way to enjoy outdoor fun indoors, is rock climbing! Get suited up and see how high you can climb on the Great Wolf Lodge’s Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall.
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • Go on a Quest: Take part in a game of Magiquest by searching for treasure or battle an evil dragon by using your very special wand.
Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota
  • Become a miner: Search for gemstones and minerals by becoming a miner at Oliver’s Mining Co. Play with dirt, rocks, and water indoors by searching for some beautiful items to take home.

Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota is filled with loads of activities and fun for the entire family. Once you check in there is no reason to leave! Cool off this summer, forget the SPF and still enjoy all of the classic summer attractions indoors.

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