Backyard Activities for Kids (+ Free Printables)

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Backyard Activities for Kids (+ Free Printables)

Your backyard is a personal oasis. It’s where you can relax on the patio with a good book, invite family over for a cookout, and have plenty of space to entertain the kids. Yet, on those busy days when you’re tending the garden or cleaning, you’ll need an easy way to get the kids outside and occupied. 

The key is to find games and activities that encourage outdoor exploration. If you’re searching for ideas, these backyard printables are a great start! 

 1. Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for preschool-aged children, this five senses scavenger hunt encourages outdoor exploration and around-the-clock learning. Planning a trip to the park or fun outdoor excursion? Bring these along!

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2. Nature Collage

Creating collages is an excellent way to help your little ones practice their fine motor skills and spark their inner creativity. Using objects found outside in the yard, such as leaves, rocks, and twigs, they can mix and match shapes to form a colorful insect.

3. Backyard Bingo

Taking the scavenger hunt up a level, this outdoor bingo game is a friendly yet competitive idea for ages 5 and up! The printable contains three sheets, each with the images arranged differently. Consider getting the sheets laminated for the kids to reuse and play with at any time. 

Love the ideas? You can download all of the above printables here! Also, for any parents homeschooling their children this school year and looking for additional ideas, Rock Your Homeschool has a great list of fun fall activities for kids. The list includes autumn word searches, bucket list ideas for the family, and dozens more seasonal activities.

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