All Inclusive Playground at City Park in Winterset

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All Inclusive Playground at City Park in Winterset

The brand new All Inclusive Playground at City Park in Winterset, Iowa stops you in your tracks as soon as you see it. The new playground is set to honor Winterset and Madison County, incorporating Clark Tower, the bridges of Madison County, and the culture of farming. 

The main playground structure has two main levels with multiple ways to get up and down and to other parts of the structure. The bottom half structure has ramps to access several different areas. To access the second level of the playground, children need to climb up different stairs, go through a tunnel, or climb up a rope area. I am not sure I have ever seen a playground that has so many different ways to get to different parts of the structure.

This playground is a slide lover’s delight. All around the structure, there are a variety of slides. My kids loved climbing the tower with their friends and pretending they were all royalty. My kids kept discovering little features they were so excited to share with me. One child spent a lot of time on the tiered monkey bars.

South of the main playground there is a second area. In this area there is a play tractor with large corn stalks my kids loved climbing. The play tractor’s wheels became my kid’s favorite hideout at the park. The swings are found in this area too. There are two standard swings, two infant bucket seats, a molded bucket seat (5-12 years old), and an expression swing (adult-child swing.)

The All Inclusive Playground has artificial safety turf under both main areas of the playground. This turf offers a great sensory input for children. The artificial turf could be harder for some wheelchair users to use than poured-in rubber because it isn’t as smooth. 


City Park is located at 300 South 9th St in Winterset, Iowa. 

Basic Park Details

Type: Places to play, places to hike

Bathrooms: Yes, seasonal restrooms, Height adjustable changing table, drinking fountains

Shade: Lots of huge trees nearby, the playground is in the open sun most of the day

Playground: 5-12-year-old inclusive playground, 2-5-year-old tractor structure

Trails: soft surface trails

Water: None

Important Note: There is no fencing around the playground. The road loops around on both sides of the playground.

Official website:

Park Amenities

  • Three open-air picnic shelters (all available for rent)
  • Large trees, open area to play
  • Many picnic tables and benches surround the playground area
  • Multiple parking areas
  • Artificial turf 
  • Zip lines (traditional and ada compliant bucket seat)
  • Musical instrument area
  • Swings (traditional, toddler bucket seat, 5-12-year-old bucket swing, toddler/adult swing)
  • In-ground merry-go-round
  • We Saw (a seesaw with four bucket seats)

City Park

City Park has several other features that draw you in. The hedge maze is by far one of my family’s favorite parts. It is located straight north 100ft from the new playground.  My kids love to race each other in it. I love that I feel like it transports me into a children’s book wandering the maze. 

Clark Tower is a 25-foot limestone castle built in 1926 located in City Park. It is a one-mile hike from the playground. You can drive back to the tower. The access road is closed during the winter months. My kids love feeling like princesses and princes as they climb up into it. 

If the new all inclusive playground becomes too busy for your kids, there is a second smaller playground that is located NW of the hedge maze. This was a quiet place for us to eat lunch and have some quiet moments of play before returning to the big playground. 

Located Near City Park

Winterset offers all of the beautiful things a small town should have. The Bridges of Madison County Festival is always in early October filled with music, food, bus tours of the historic bridges, and activities for all ages. Winterset has an inviting square with several small shops and restaurants. 

We also love Pammel State Park, 1900 Pammel Road in Winterset. My kids love driving across the river ford and they love how nervous it makes me. The River Ford is a great location to get out and play in the Middle River.

Take a look at this fun guide to visiting Winterset.

Kaci Kennedy

Kaci Kennedy

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